3V1380.01 Drawing and Writing (11/2/81)

Peggy has made many drawings lately, of which I have saved a large number, writing down her explanations as made and dating them. This is a small but important collection for documenting Peggy’s developing command of writing.

On this day, Peggy wrote a “message” on one piece of paper, showed it to me (of course, I applauded her work, her writing) and she remarked, “I can’t write it with letters. I can write it with teeth.”

Later on this month — perhaps at my request — Peggy began writing words. The first was a list of computer programs she used. Later, Peggy has begun writing words of her own choosing – for example “door knob” and “refrigerator.” It appears to be the case that Peggy is learning to read and write synchronously through her computer experiences.
Later added note: I must try to document both her reading and writing (or keying) as best I can on videotape soon. Probably today, (12/6/81) P202.

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