3V1181.02 Anything can represent anything: Forks and Bottlecaps (4/17/81)

Anything can represent anything. Sitting in the chair beside [me] at the end of supper this evening, Peggy began playing with a dinner fork and a cake fork (the smaller of the two). They became me and her, going for a ride in the car. The little fork said, “I’ll sit behind Daddy,” which Peggy often does, then stands in back of and between the two front seats of the car so we can easily talk to each other while I drive). I can’t remember what all she did, but for me one extreme moment was when Peggy[‘s] bottle cap fell off the table. She picked it up off my chair with her toes (she had by then migrated into my lap) and the bottle cap began complaining about being knocked down.

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