Peggy Study, Panel P110 Themes: Language Development, Object Exploration, Social Interactions Source: (Lawler); date: 3/2/1980 Title: Text commentary: These clips show ??; Why important ?? P110A Sibling Pictures, 7mb P110B Standard Objects: Tower, 22mb P110C Standard Objects: Cups and Balls, 21mb P110D Army Book, 18mb P110E1 Reading Hop On Pop, 20mb P110E2 Reading Hop On …

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3V0776.02 An inference (3/8/80) Peggy ran from the dining room to me in the living room. Holding out her hand to me (I responded to take whatever it might be), Peggy dropped coins in my hand. She said, ‘Money on table. Somebody left it.’ Not only is this a two-sentence speech act, it also exhibits …

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3V0775.03 Who’s that? — syngnostic use (3/7780) Peggy does not distinguish Who and What. consequently, when requesting the name of an object she asks, ‘Who’s that?’ Today she held up a toy, plastic doll and asked “Who’s that?” “You mean your dolly?’ I responded. She then became more specific, pointing with her finger on the …

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3V0775.02 Repetition and further specification (3/7/80) Gretchen mentioned hearing Peggy do a most interesting thing : she first said, ‘ Lookit table.’ then immediately ‘repeated’ the phrase more precisely as ‘Look at the table.’ This is an example of the incremental standardization of speech production under her own direction (this may be well compared to …

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3V0774.02 Keeping warm (3/6-8/80) While the older children clustered around the stove in the morning, Peggy picked up her ‘Bear Hug’ from the floor across the room and brought it to the stove. Holding it up and close, she said, ‘Bear keep warm.’ Two days later, before an open fire in our sitting room fireplace, …

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3V0774.01 Jokes as communication protocols (3/6/80) Miriam has been telling (surely in Peggy’s hearing) a knock-knock : M : Knock knock. V : Who’s there ? M : Tim. V : Tim who ? M : Tim – ber ! At supper this evening, Peggy said : P : knock knock. B : Who’s there …

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3V0773.01 “Nice poo” (3/5/80) Miriam reports – on explaining that she had to stop play to go to the bathroom, Peggy said (as M. left) ‘Nice poo, Mimi.’


3V0772.01 Plan for Reading list: March 3rd-April 4th,1980 record located in notes near August 28, 1980: This reading list will be first set up as a spread sheet then modified for insertion in this file and copied to it. (roughly 160 entries) not clear that this plan was ever completed. (RWL, March 2011)


3V0771.02 Scurry and cookies Peggy all too often shares her food with the dog, sometimes on purpose, sometimes not so. Today she took some cookies from a little easter basket made by Miriam and carried them over to Scurry. she then said (and repeated 3 more times) “Scurry eat some.” Here Gretchen censured Peggy, telling …

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3V0771.01 Reflexive reference: [me do it self] (3/3/80) Going upstairs “Somebody broke oo gate.” [True] Objecting to being carried. “Me do it self.”