Observations, Interpretations, and Models

The Intimate Study

The Intimate Study was a theoretically driven collection of information, undertaken with the confidence that data could be extracted from the information and then serve as grounds for answering significant questions about how mind emerges from the interaction of a person and the world inhabited.

The textual source material is organized in these five pages:

LC2cT1 Corpus Construction The Overview (from Computer Experience and Cognitive Development)

LC2cT2 The Vignettes complete (130)

LC2cT3 The Profiles initial set complete

LC2cT4 The Sessions an overview

LC2cT5 The Log samples only

LC2cT6 Session/Vignette Concordance Now see The Intimate Study Vignettes
LC2cT7 Videotape Serial Catalog original typescript. Now see The Intimate Study Video Catalog
LC2cT8 Videotape Topical Catalog original typescript. New version not available.

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