3V0355.01 Putting into: 01/12/79

After last week’s videotape, wherein Peggy, for the first time, explored putting into of sticks to a cup, I have become more sensitive to her extensions of this exploration – at the table: Peggy’s juice cup has a recessed lid with nipple. I have seen her repeatedly take a cookie, put it in the lid, lift it out to take a bite, and re-insert it in the lid. (This is with nothing else in her food tray.)

This evening she placed her spoon there and, later on, her bead bracelet.
In my lap: Peggy drew my pipe from my shirt pocket. After mouthing it, she offered it to me. Because I have now a “bug” of some sort, I refused to take it in my mouth but, thanking her, replaced it in my pocket. Peggy seized upon the pipe, extracted it, examined the pocket, and re-inserted the pipe in it — When I refused to play with the pipe, Peggy cast her eyes about and, spying a collection of safety (diaper) pins on my table, she showed she wanted them by saying /thae/ and pointing (she now seems to use the pure point more than the “impure” point). After mouthing the four pines (three speared in a circle by the point of the fourth). Peggy extracted my pipe from my pocket — then she inserted the pins in my pocket and withdrew them. Finally, she tried (with 3/4 success) at inserting the diaper pins in the pope bowl.

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