3V0880.01 Reading” two words: [That say ‘no’. (in No more tangles)] (6/28/80
and earlier)

Miriam reported to me two incidents occurring during my five days in
Boston. First, she tricked Peggy. Pointing to the word “No” on the
container of “No More Tangles,” Miriam asked if she could read it.
Peggy said, “No.” Miriam congratulated her: “Hooray for you ! You CAN
read it.” Peggy responded, “That say ‘No’ ?” Miriam replied, “Right.” At
this point, Peggy picked up the container and ran with it to Gretchen.
Not able to understand her at first, Gretchen asked her to repeat.
Peggy held up the container, “That say ‘No’.”

Playing in the basement among the flotsam of years, Peggy found a 3×5
card and brought it to Miriam for interpretation: “What that say?” she
asked. She repeated “Stop” after Miriam told her that’s what it said.
NB. I tried to follow up on these notes in session P127 yesterday. As
expected, Peggy could not read the (same) words printed on the back
of old business cards. I should see if she can read ‘No’ from “No More
Tangles”. I would not be surprised if she did or if she did not.
(Showing her the ‘STOP’ 3×5 card, she did not recall what it said.)

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