P091, Peggy at 21 months (video): balls w/Rob; words w/Miriam; books in reach; blocks, talking; standard objects; other objects.


3V0643.01 Verbal imitation + action:[Shame (on scurry; kicks her)] (10/27/79) Today Scurry committed some minor fault against Peggy (such as eating her cookie) and I scolded her. “Shame on you, Scurry,” Peggy repeated [s’em] then kicked the dog neatly under the chin (She was wearing shoes.) Gretchen.


3V0639.02 [hold dog]:assembled command. 10/23/79 Going upstairs, Peggy paused at the bottom, then handed me her “snoopy” pull toy and ordered [hold dog]. Gretchen.


3V0639.01 /gae/mr/ = grandmother (visiting); /teh/teh/=tickle. 10/23/79 Peggy’s grandmother has been visiting for the past several days. Today Peggy names her /graemm’r/. Gretchen.


3V0638.03 Naming: metalinguistic note: changes in the name of Scurry; Naming Miriam and LaRene /nehm/. 10/22/79 Over the past week or two, Peggy’s name for Scurry has shifted somewhat from /kuhl/dah/ or /kuhl/dae/ or /kar/di/ (roughly). She has shown a tendency also to call other dogs /dawg/ rather than /kuhl/dae/. I have told her that …

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3V0638.02 Everything’s a pen if it comes out of my pocket. 10/22/79 Recently I’ve done some electrical work. I usually keep small tools in my pockets — a screwdriver, for instance. when Peggy sat in my lap this afternoon, she found in my shirt pockets a pen knife (she had seen it before and knew …

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3V0638.01 Holophrase sequences: [goody…scurry…food…treat] see note below: # 289 10/22/79 Peggy knows where Scurry’s goodies are kept, and often asks to give her one (frequently giving it a nibble herself in transit). She has always called it /fu/ (“food”). Today, as I got Scurry’s heartworm pill from the shelf above, Peggy pointed up and said …

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