P128D1: Standard Objects: ring tower, cylinder/tube, 18mb

P128D1 Clip Notes

Notes: 4:01 by Analyst, 3/22/2014
Setting,Props Cedar Hall, Family Room:
Actors,Aims Peggy and Bob; GPL on camera.
Episode A:
0:03 to 1:39
Ring Tower: solution with Excess Pieces
Bob: (setting the toy tray down on the floor) I got s’more toys out for you peg.
Peg: yeah. (walking over to the toy tray) toys.
Bob: (dumping a number of rings out of the large wooden box) all of those.
Peg: (bending down to the collected rings: an expression of pleasure)
Bob: (placing the ring tower base with conical shaft on the floor) and these and these of these. Can you get them all on?
Peg: (selecting ring A equal ring 6, she puts it on the shaft then immediately removes, albeit with some difficulty; unclear verbal comment)
Bob: what did you say?
Peg: these 1st (selecting ring B equal ring 4, she puts it on the shaft and pushes it down gently saying: there. Picking up a larger ring C equal ring 2 she puts that on the shaft on top of the smaller ring 4. Then adds ring D equal ring 1, saying: and now (?? That?). At this point, the rings rise above the top of the conical shaft. Selecting ring E equal ring 3, she places it on top of ring 1. Peg next selects ring F equal ring 5, sitting that on top of ring 3. As she selects ring G equal ring 6, Bob interrupts –)
Bob: I think you’ve got a bug there, sweetie. (He takes a ring from behind Peggy and tosses it on the floor in front of her asking: how are you going to get that what?
Peg: (picking up to rings, apparently of the same size equal ring 6, she asks: these? (She puts the 2 rings down on the floor in front of her, turns to Bob and asks: where’s the bug?
Bob: (laughs) I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to confuse you, dear.
Peg: (while Bob is talking, she picks up a large ring 2. Trying to put them on top of the ring towers stack, she knocks off the loose ring on the top and the one below it, leaving 3 rings on the conical shaft.)
Bob: they don’t seem to stay on very good.
Peg: (she removes remaining 3 rings and puts them on the floor.) These.
Peg: (selecting ring A equal ring 0) these 1st. (She places ring A on the conical shaft; which goes down to the base. Selecting ring B equal ring 1, she puts it on the shaft.) Biggies. (She selects ring C equal ring 1 duplicate and adds that to the stack on the shaft. Selecting ring D equal ring 2, she puts that on the stack is the 4th ring. Next, selecting ring and E equal ring 4, she adds that, and then, fills up the shaft capacity with ring F equal ring 6.) There, I did it
Bob: you sure did. I don’t know how we got more pieces than belong on there, but you sure did it.
GPL: because we used to have 2 of them. And that is the shorter post.
Peg: (while GPL talking, Peggy adds 2 more small rings equal ring 6 on top of the stack.
Bob: you did a beautiful job…. Did you know that?
Peg: yeah. (Obviously and properly pleased with herself.)
Episode B:
1:40 to 2:31
Discussion of Excess Pieces; second pass solution
Peg: those fall down. (She knocks the 2 top rings from the stack on the shaft.) Knock, knock.
GPL: but that one, though, the yellow on – –
Bob: (reaching out to the yellow ring equal 3, he pulls that over near Peggy) what about that one?
Peg: (putting down the rings in her hands, she removes the 2 top rings) there. (She now adds the yellow ring equal ring 3 on top of the four rings, A, B, C, D, remaining on the conical shaft.) (Peg selects ring E equal ring 5, puts it on top, which fills the capacity of the conical shaft.)
GPL: I’ll be doggone. You think Miriam’s been teaching her this?
Bob: I don’t think so. They were hidden away… Up on the top shelf here.
Peg: (while Bob is talking, Peggy selects ring F equal ring 4 and sets it on top of ring E. She then adds rings G and H, both equal ring 6 on top of the stack.)
Bob: I’m very impressed peg.
GPL: it looks as though she’s got the criterion in there that you put the biggest one on the bottom.
Peg: (removing the top 4 rings, leaving ring E as now the top of the stack. Removes ring E, the yellow ring equal ring 3.)
Bob: (responding to GPL’s comment) she didn’t do it at 1st, but she figured it out mighty quick.
Peg: (returning to rebuilding the stack, peg selects the yellow ring, ring E equal ring 3, and adds that to ring A, B, C, and D. This completely fills the stack.)
GPL: (referring to the earlier challenge of inserting the yellow ring and the stack) she took off just the right number of one’s to put that yellow 1 in.
Bob: yes.
Peg: (moves away from the ring tower in the direction of the toy tray.)
Episode C:
2:32 to 4:01
Beanbags and Cylinder / Tube
Episode D:
Episode E:
Episode F:
Episode G:
Episode H:

Panel P128, Language Development, Object Exploration, Social Interactions

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