3V177303 At the Center (11/30/82)

Barbara Porter came yesterday with five kids (one mine) to the Center. Peggy brought Wendy with her and acted very friendly with her. Barbara brought sons Gregoire and Laurant and Gregoire’s friend Alden. The kids, of course, played differently. The three boys were aggressive and Laurant (older by a couple years that the 5’s understood what was happening. The others competed for the chance to muddle through the experience..

After showing Wendy her DRAW procedure on TI, at my suggestion, Peggy stepped back to let the others play. She drew on some computer paper. Wendy and Gregoire also did so eventually…..

We talked, among other things, about Peggy at school…. Barbara proposing we parents both come for an “observation — where we would go into the kitchen and peer out at the kids through a one way mirror. Then discuss whatever situation with the teacher, Los. Barbara also proposed Peggy should invite friends over to our house in the afternoon to play.

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