Peggy Study, Panel P101 Themes: Puzzles, Objects, Reading Source: (Lawler); date: 12/31/1979 Title: Text commentary: These clips show ??; Why important ?? P101A Puzzle Fitting, 15mb P101B Standard Objects, 28mb P101C Puzzle, Again, 25mb P101D1 Legos, w/GPL, 18mb P101D2 Legos, w/GPL, 16mb P101E Crayon, Paper, 6mb P101F1 Reading, w/GPL, 20mb P101F2 Reading, w/GPL, 24mb


3V0709.02 [Mimi did it…Peggy’s] Good example; issues important; developing a vocabulary to describe observed phenomena. (1/1/80) The situation to which the locution applies was Miriam’s making a wrapped package, a present, and giving it to Peg. Peggy brought it to me to show. what is significant here is the pause/connected structure of the phrasing. There …

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3V0707.01 Color names: beginning of a long story. (12/30/79) Peggy wears plastic pants over her diapers. Most are transparent. One pair is pink and she prefers that pair. While changing her recently, Gretchen began putting on a pair of transparent pants. Peggy cried plaintively, “Black, black” while pointing in the direction of the pink pants …

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