P143D4: Standard Objects with Toy People (4), Nesting Boxes, Hiding 11mb

P143D4 Clip Notes

Notes: 2:26 by Analyst, 4/25/2014
Setting,Props Cedar Hall, Family Room:
Actors,Aims Peggy and Bob; GPL on camera.
Episode A: 0:03 – 1:19 Hiding Inside a Boxes Tower:
Bob: look at this, Peggy. (He builds a 3 level boxes tower.) One, 2, (he moves a 3rd box into place but does not number it).
Peg: (taking a Fisher-Price person from the toy tray, she moves it to the top of the tower saying: he hiding up here.
Bob: that’s a good idea.
Peg: (although between the camera and the boxes Tower, some of the tower is visible.)
Bob: (selecting another Fisher-Price person from the floor beyond the toy tray, he says: but the little girl is smarter; do you know what she’s going to do?
Peg: yeah.
Bob: she’s going to hide… Inside. (He puts the toy person into one of the tower boxes through an opening in the side, using it like a window.)… And now the rhinoceros can’t get her.
Peg: (apparently moving the rhinoceros to the top of the tower, she says: he’s up here.
Bob: but he can’t get her because she’s inside…. And here comes the other girl (he picks up another Fisher-Price person from the floor and walks her over to the tower.) This is Clare – is this Clare?
Peg: no, that’s Peggy.
Bob: that’s Peggy. While she’s pretty smart too, so she hides inside up here. (Putting her inside the tower through a 2nd story window.) And the rhinoceros can’t get her.
Peg: (touching again the rhinoceros on top of the tower, she says: and he’s hiding up there.
Bob: so daddy longlegs can’t get him? (Here, he picks up the mail Fisher-Price person that Peggy usually assigned that name to.)
Peg: no. He goes in there. (Apparently she indicates the tower generally; one cannot tell because her body is blocking the view tower.
Bob: here (putting the Fisher-Price person close to Peggy) you show me what should happen with him.
Peg: (apparently putting the toy person in the tower the 2nd story window.
Bob: (he passes to her another toy person.)
Peg: there is not much room. (??)
Bob: well, there’s other places.
Peg: (looking around the tower, she says: Yep.
Bob: Peg, when it you come around here? (Tapping the floor on the far side of the tower)
Episode B: 1:20 – 2:10 Wicked Rhinoceros is Dead:
Bob: Come around over here. (Tapping the floor again.)
Peg: Whoopsie… (As she plays with the rhinoceros.)
Bob: will you sit over here, please?
Peg: (she relocates, apparently taking the rhinoceros with her.)
Bob: thank you.
Peg: my nose is running.
Bob: (bringing out a handkerchief or Kleenex and wiping her nose with it, he says: yes it is.
Peg: (she removes the top box from the tower of 3 boxes; this is box 4, which has no windows.)
Peg: (peg returns box 4 to the top of the tower, then lifts the rhinoceros up to the top of box 4 and says: he goes on. (It stands there, stable.)
Peg: (reaching out to the rhinoceros, she makes a falling noise and pulls him over the edge of the tower and brings it slowly crashing down to the floor, saying: crash. He’s dead.
Bob: good! And everybody can come out now if he’s dead. (Lifting the 2 top boxes, he reveals the Fisher-Price toy persons who have been hiding in the tower; he also moves the lowest box, 2, and reveals the other toys that were hiding inside that lowest level.) Right?
Peg: Yep.
Bob: then everybody comes out of hiding because the wicked rhinoceros is dead.
Peg: (smacking the rhinoceros on the floor, she says: bad! Bad!
Bob: he seems pretty lively go for a –
peg: hit. (Unclear phrase.)
Bob: glad you got him.
Episode C: 2:11 – 2:26 Off in Another Direction:
Peg: (she rises from the floor and crosses in front of the camera.)
Bob: what’s the matter?
Peg: (a possible sigh, followed by a quiet no, which may mean “I don’t know.”)
Peg: (this utterance is hard to understand; the best interpretation is: I get up to get my wallet to come down here.
Bob: you have to get what, dear?
Peg: my wallet.
Bob: your wallet?
Peg: yeah.
Episode D:
Episode E:
Episode F:
Episode G:
Episode H:

Panel P143, Reading to Peggy, Exploring the Stuff of the Environment, Peggy’s Play Themes

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