Still Trying!

Making Sense of What’s Been Collected

Notes on Issues, Questions, Possible Studies:
Relevant Resources:
Primary Research Goal: trace in detail the transition of learning from a side effect of behavior to processes of reflexive self-construction.
Primary Research Agenda: interpret LC3. (For detail, see LC3c Analyses.)
-track language skill & knowledge development
-track spatial skill & knowledge development
-track other skill & knowledge development
-seek levels of description at which tracks of development can be related
LC3c-Text LC3 Vignettes.
LC3c-Video LC3 Video Catalog.
Additional Research Foci:
-use tags to create data sub-collections for LC1 & LC2
-explore un-analyzed materials of LC1&LC2
-compare and contrast parallel materials of LC1&LC2
-create posts to render these sub-collections sharable.
-formulate summaries by theme within collections and among them.
-when done, formulate cross category conclusions
-ask if tagging/ categorizing LC1 & LC2 provides new insights or impacts previous interpretations; If so, add modification notes to any effected interpretations.
LC2 Vignette Index.
LC2 Profiles Index.
LC2 Video Index.

LC1b Text LC1 Protocols Before TIS Vignettes
LC1c-Text LC1 TIS Vignettes Index.
LC1-Video LC1 Video Index.

Interplay of the Research Agendas:
-because of the difference in mass of materials collected, it makes sense to push through some “small scale” analyses before committing to extensive application of methods with larger corpora.
Continuing Corpora Development:
√push through LC3 text data tagging
√as time permits, tag LC1 & LC2 text data.
√use tag insights to inform later video clip prep.
-link corpora with my published texts via tags.

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