3V0974.01 The Pig in the book: what does Peggy mean by what she says? (9/22/80)

Peggy was playing with her “happy family” (her Fischer price dolls).
I mentioned she had other animals besides the dogs. There was a
chicken and, somewhere, a black pig. Peggy pointed to a Richard Scary
book and asked, “Can I play with that pig ?” I responded, “Can you?”
She answered, “No. It’s just a picture.”

A week or more past, after I often drove her to Jacob’s Beach in the
MG), Peggy often drove us crazy by asking, “Can I ride that horsie?”
when she saw pictures of individual animals or toys or of the Merry Go
Round in the Brittanica children’s book…It was often explained that she
was referring to a picture and she could not ride a picture… Is it
possible to believe she really meant what she said in the questions ?
A puzzle.

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