Peggy Study, Panel P088 Themes: Objects, Language, Social Interaction Source: (Lawler); date: 10/1/1979 Title: Text commentary: These clips show how extensive is vocal, pre-verbal communication. P88A Blocks & Teddy, 23mb P88B1 Interpreting Talk, 20mb P88B2 Interpreting Talk, 23mb P88C Wind-Up Car, 6mb P88D1 Wind-Up Car & Scooter, 21mb P88D2 Wind-Up Car, 5mb P88E1 Std Objects: …

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3V0622.02 [bag…culdae gone]: extremely non-standard order. Peggy was roving about with a plastic, opaque bag in one hand. She picked up the toy Scotty we bought in Boston and stuffed it in the bag. Peggy saw me looking at her and explained, [bag culdae gone]. Importance: locative (into the bag) Agent (culdah) Activity (playing game …

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3V0622.01 [mama got eye]: MAJOR NOTE on cognitive structures behind speech; topic and comment at “discourse” level, not a word level. 10/6/79 Gretchen long ago began instructing Peggy in the names of body parts, especially of the face. Recently, Peggy has surprised me by making comments about the commonality of the body parts. For example, …

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3V0620.02 [memi]: calling Miriam by name. Peggy was inquiring for her father, “Dada ?” I told her he was in Boston. Peggy then said /meh/mi/ which I interpreted as “Miriam.” Gretchen.


3V0620.01 [(ice)cream]=/kim/ 10/4/79 Last night, Robby and Peggy had ice cream. This morning as she picked up her used dish, brought it over to me, and inquired hopefully /kim?/ Gretchen.


3V0619.02 [/cul/du/eat]: sentence. 10/3/79 Peggy left a partially eaten hot dog on the low hearth. Later I saw Scurry prowling about, and asked Peggy, “Where is your hot dog?” She replied [/cul/duh/ eat] Gretchen.


3V0619.01 Calling Robby by name. 10/3/79 Today Peggy started calling Robby by name. She called him repeatedly during this day and the following. Gretchen.