LC0aO2g: Tear Down & Early Work Detail ^

This is the root table for seven included photo galleries and 1 table of 4 galleries,
organized by physical systems. Clicking on any picture within the galleries will present
the pictures in “light box” mode where one may look at photos one at a time of a large size.
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Tear down 9

LC0aO2g1: Tear Down Diagnosis of Problems (12 pics)
Two pages, with more problems shown in disassembly; much work to be done.
New left side panel

LC0aO2g2: Tear Down & Early Metal Repair (24 pics)
Fitting wood in new door sheet metal

LC0aO2g3: Tear Down & Early Wood Repair (12 pics)
Early wiring state

LC0aO2g4: Tear Down & Wiring State (8 pics)
Engine removed from frame to floor

LC0aO2g5: Tear Down & Engine/Drive Train (15 pics)
Sand blasted tub frame interior

LC0aO2g6: Tear Down & Frame and Body Work (13 pics)
Right front suspension and wheel

LC0aO2g7: Tear Down & Suspension and Wheels (13 pics)
Stripping mess

LC0aO2g8: Tear Down & Paint and Surface (4 galleries)
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