P141C2: Standard Objects (2), 22mb

P141C2 Clip Notes

Notes: 4:55 by Analyst, 3/15/2014
Setting,Props Cedar Hall, Family Room:
Actors,Aims Peggy and Bob; GPL on camera.
Episode A:
0:03 to ~ 1:06 to 1:06
Peggy: (sitting on the floor, waiting for Bob to bring toys)
Bob: I’ll have to get it quickly won’t I?… here it is. I found it.
Peggy: (uninterpretable vocalization)
Bob: yes, but this doesn’t seem to have one… You see, it’s got a problem; it’s got a thing missing.
Peggy: Yep. (As Bob places the ring tower in front of her; she selects a ring A equal ring 6) that goes on top of there. (Peggy is satisfied, having completed the ring tower puzzle with the addition of that last piece, she tilts the puzzle to remove all the rings on the conical shaft.)
Bob: but what goes down here? (Pointing, and putting his finger in the gap between the base and the lowest ring) why doesn’t that were good?
Peggy: (removing all the rings from the conical shaft and placing the base on the floor) because, this can go on too (selecting ring A equal ring 1, she places it on the conical shaft). (uninterpretable comment. Peggy selects ring B equal ring 0 and puts it on the conical shaft.) This can go on to (as she selects ring C equal ring 2 and puts it on the conical shaft.) He likes to go on. (As she places ring D equal ring 3 on the shaft.) (Immediately, she selects ring E equal ring 4 and installs it on the shaft.) (Selecting ring F equal ring 5, she puts it on the shaft; selecting ring G equal ring 6, she tops off the shaft with it).
Note: and unclear comment: purple? Read? (Placing another ring H equal ring 6, on the top of the pile, she asks: where that go?)
Bob: I guess that’s an extra one. (Bob takes and removes from the context that final ring.) We don’t need that.
Bob: (as the camera zooms in, pointing at the ring B equal ring 0, above the lowest ring on the base) I think this one is extra too, because it’s too big.
Peggy: (hard to interpret) it’s in there, to. I’ll take them off. (She begins doing so.)
Peggy: removing rings) top.
Bob: (joining her action, removing rings) I tell you what. Let me take this one (Bob selects ring 0, and removes it from the context) and let’s see if you can put all of these (dumping the last ring on the floor) can you put all of those on?
Episode B:
1:07 to 3:27
Bob: let’s see if you can put all of these (dumping the last ring on the floor) can you put all of those on?
Peggy: selecting ring A equal 4, she puts it on the conical shaft, and tries to press it down) can’t get? fit? that down (she picks up the ring tower, shakes it)
Bob: why not?
Peggy: (smacking the ring tower on the floor closer to Bob) it’s hard.
Bob: (Bob presses down also) you’re right, it’s too hard for me. I can’t get it down either. (He returns the ring tower to Peggy) what you think you should do?
Peggy: selecting ring B equal ring 1, placing it on the conical shaft on top of ring A) I think these (and then pressing on both rings together installed the shaft she says: I put that down.
Bob: you’re right. Maybe that would.
Peggy: (when that does not work, she takes ring B and smacks the conical shaft with the ring several times) that’s too hard for those. (She selects ring C equal ring 5 and puts it on the conical shaft; she gestures at adding ring B on top of ring 5.) (She initiates removing the two rings from the conical shaft, after setting ring B Tech on the floor)
Bob: they got on there before. How did it happen?
Peggy: (tilting the ring tower and removing the two rings to the floor) how to fit? How to do that? (Selecting ring A equal ring 2 and putting that on the shaft, she rises up to put more weight on the ring)
Bob: that’s pretty good… Does it go all the way down?
Peggy: (selecting ring B equal ring 1, she puts that on the conical shaft) (on interpretable comment, ending with the word two?/Too?)
Bob: I think you’re ignoring the data, Peggy.
Peggy: (pushing a small ring C equal ring four down onto ring 1, she says: that goes down dad.)
Bob: (pointing at the small gap between ring 4 and ring 1) look, it doesn’t go all the way. See? (then pointing at the gap between ring A equal ring 2 and the base) this one doesn’t go all the way either.
Peggy: (selecting another small ring D equal ring 6, she places it on top of the ring tower) and that does.
Bob: (picking up ring E equal ring 3) where does this go?
Peggy: (taking ring E from Bob, she gestures and placing it on top of the pole, then hesitates, deciding to remove ring D, as the camera zooms in; after removing ring D Peggy places ring E on the conical shaft and comments: it might go on their, that one. Peggy returns ring D equal ring 6 to the top of the stack, adding: and that 1 goes on there.)
Bob: what about…(pointing to the base of the stack,) what goes down there?
Peggy: (looking very closely) I don’t know. No more (unintelligible word)
Bob: (chuckles)
Peggy: is a tiny, dad.
Bob: that surely true.
Peggy: (truing up the rings) and that’s a big hole pile of them. (She turns over the ring tower to spill the rings back on the floor.)
Bob: I’ll tell you what.
Peggy: (inverting the tower to dump off the rings, she changes her intention and sets the base back on the floor; Peggy starts putting rings back on the conical shaft.) We could leave them all on.
Bob: we should?
Peggy: Yep. We should. (Filling up the stack again with the rings they come to hand)
Bob: (as Peggy again inverts the ring tower) somehow I don’t think that’s perfect… A whole bunch of them. At least 6. No less than, may be no more.
Episode C:
3:28 to 4:27
Peggy: (sitting up the ring tower, leaving ring A on the conical shaft equal ring 2, Peggy selects ring B equal ring 3 and puts it on top of ring A.)
Bob: (as Peggy installs ring B) are you sure that’s right? Why doesn’t it go all the way down?
Peggy: (selecting ring C equal ring 5 and putting it on the shaft) I think it does.
Bob: it does not! (Placing his finger between ring A and the base) look, I can put my finger there. See? It doesn’t go all the way down. See?
Peggy: Yep.
Bob: (putting fingers on both sides the shaft he lifts up the ring tower) see? My fingers go on both sides. (uninterpretable phrase) why doesn’t it go down?
Peggy: (not answering Bob’s question, Peggy adds ring D equal ring 6 to the top of the stack)
Bob: (similarly putting 2 fingers on both sides of the shaft in a higher gap) look,’s another one. It doesn’t go down.
Peggy: (she looks at the higher gap in the stack, removing the rings above that gap; Peggy selects ring E equal ring 1 on top of ring 3; she then proceeds to return the other rings to the top of the stack.)
Bob: you sure got them all on. (Producing the 2nd ring 6 from hiding, he asks) how are you going to get this one on?
Peggy: I’ll think it can go like that. (Balancing that additional ring on top of the stack).
Bob: no, but see it falls right off. (As she touches the top ring with a finger knocks at the floor.)
Peggy: (retrieving the ring and putting it back on top of the conical stack, she comments that it’s color is either read or purple.)
Bob: looks like it’s all blue to me Peggy.
Episode D:
4:28 to 4:55
Peggy: (uninterpretable comment; Peggy again dumps the rings on the floor) these can go all off….Problem.
Bob: what’s the problem? What me to get that bottom 1 off? Is it stuck so hard? I can help you if you want me to.
Peggy: (succeeds in removing former ring A equal ring 2 from the bottom of the stack) Yep! I did it. (She immediately places the same ring back on the conical shaft)
Bob: hold it peg. Stop! (Reaching out to the ring tower) take this one off (he removes it)…(putting all the rings on the floor in front of her) now think about this.
Episode E:
Episode F:
Episode G:
Episode H:

Panel P141, Social Interaction Development, Vocal Communication, Object Exploration

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