P084A1: Ring Tower and Talk with Cameraman, 12mb

P084A1 Clip Notes

Notes: 2:35 by Analyst, 4/8/2014
Setting,Props Cedar Hall, Family Room: Ring Tower base with Cylindrical Shaft
Actors,Aims Peggy and Bob; Bob on camera.
Episode A:
0:03 – 0:55
3 Rings on the Cylindrical Shaft:
GPL: (enter carrying Peggy, she sets her down on the floor, standing behind the ring tower.) There you go peg.
Peg: (nonverbal utterance; she sits down on the floor.)
Peg: (reaching out to the shaft, she draws the ring tower to her. the shaft is cylindrical; there are 3 rings on it. She lifts the 2 top rings. The top ring bounces away. She releases the 2nd ring and reaches out with her right hand to reach the ring that rolled away. She puts that ring back on the cylindrical stack, and says: Mama – holding up the ring tower with its 3 rings to show it off.
Bob: oh. What about your mama?
Peg: Mahwah. (She lets the ring fall to the ground. The topmost ring comes off. Picking up the ring tower by the cylindrical shaft one sees that two rings remain on it. She returns the topmost ring to the stack on the cylindrical shaft. Her vocalization sounds a bit like: great.
Bob: is that gray?… I don’t know what you said, really.
Peggy: (holding the ring tower off the ground, she moves it around in various orientations.) She says: (sounds like E; sounds like near lee; there follows a nonverbal croon.)
Bob: would you like another ring? (Showing her a ring) would you like this?
Peg: (looking back with a smile, she puts down the ring tower and turns the Bob.)
Episode B:
0:55 – 1:33
Giving Rings to Peg:
Bob: (sliding a ring across the floor to her) here’s another ring, Peggy.
Peg: (she reaches for the ring, turns and slips it on the cylindrical shaft.) That!
Bob: would you like another ring?
Peg: ah-ahn
Bob: you want one more?
Peg: ah-ahn.
Bob: (sliding another ring across the floor to her.) Here’s one more.
Peg: (picking up the ring with a big smile, she brings a close to her body, then puts it on top of the ring towers stack.
Bob: you want one more?
Peggy: Anh. (With a big smile)
Bob: what do you want now?
Peg: unh.
Bob: you want this?
Peg: Anh.
Bob: (sliding a large ring across the floor to her)
Peggy: (she reaches out for the ring, picks it up ,and puts it directly on top of the cylindrical shaft.
Bob: goodness! They’re all gone. I have no more. All gone.
Episode C:
1:34 – 2:35
peg: (she turns towards the camera and starts crawling across the floor.)
Bob: what’s up, sweetie?
Peg: (looking up) ah-ahn?
Bob: you want to check my pockets are something?
Peg: (crawling quickly close to the camera man, then getting up and walking past –)
Bob: I have no more. All gone. They’re all over there. (Is he pointing off-camera at the stack of the ring tower?)… Here, can you take them off?
Peg: (she travels quickly over to the ring tower; with her back to the camera, saying: off – she removes the top ring from the stack on the cylindrical shaft and puts it on the floor. Next she removes the 2nd ring from the stack on the shaft and puts it on the floor, at the same time picking up the other ring removed and throwing it.)
Bob: what’s that you said?.. Hey, hey, you’re not supposed to throw them.
Peg: (selecting the topmost ring from the tower she removes it and holding it outstretched towards Bob she toddles across the floor to give it to him.
Bob: (using a familiar formula meaning that she should keep it) Peggy have that… That’s very nice. But Peggy have that.
Peg: what that? Want that? (Uncertain vocalizations.)
Bob: in my pocket?
Peg: (possibly patting Bob’s pockets) Anh.
Bob: no more. All gone. Sorry… Oh,you want it back in my pocket?
Peggy: Anh.
Episode D:
Episode E:
Episode F:

Panel P084, Language Development, Object Exploration, Social Interactions

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