Peggy Study, Panel P129 Themes: Language Development, Object Exploration, Social Interactions Source: (Lawler); date: 7/13/1980 Title: Text commentary: P129A1 Letters Desk, 17mb P129A2 Letters Desk, 17mb P129B1 Standard Objects, 21mb P129B2 Standard Objects, 23mb P129B3 Standard Objects, 20mb P129C1 Blocks, 22mb P129C2 Blocks, 23mb P129D Counting, Reading, 8mb


3V0908.01 A swimming pool: caution at first encounter(7/18/80) We visited this day my cousin’s house in Cherry Hill. Her son, Matthew, a week older than Peggy, nearly drowned in their swimming pool about a week before our visit. We were all very sensitive to the event. Peggy had never seen a swimming pool before and …

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