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Printing NLCSA content

What’s “behind the button?”The WP Plugin in use is’s “Print Friendly and PDF” plugin, v.3.2.5.
Why did you choose it?By me, it worked best with the mix of documents at NLCSA. Even better, the interface can be made as simple as a single button and located in the expected page locations. It’s free at this basic level — for which we pay the price of having google-type adds displayed while the formatting and printing is underway. Also, I was pleased at the thoughtfulness of the firm permitting new visitors to try out the conversion to PDF files on their website.
They also have a PDF button.Yes, but pressing the “print” button brings up a panel where you can select output as either print, a PDF formatted file, or an email message. If the last is selected, an excerpt is sent with a back link to the originating webpage as well as a link forwarding your page to the website for formatting and your recipient’s printing.
Any problems?Builder tested the various types of our documents; some caused problems. NLCSA makes extensive use of data presentation tables, for dialog, for Q&A interaction with users, and for image and video presentation with relevant text. Various difficulties appeared:
minor, e.g. LC2a-video: last video pane of three in sequence was presented over-sized.
missing images: see any of the Select video panels, and the “print” output.
major deformation: see post “Example1 and its “print” output.
Typical pages with images print as expected, e.g. LC3A2, In the Lap of the Machine.
Do these matter?The video panels do not matter for printing, per se, because each image is just a splash panel for a video clip. But they DO present information: the clip ID, e.g. “P104C,” the clip size, 32mb in this case, and a short phrase summary, “Shape Fitting Box” for this clip.
Is this a bug?Not clearly. It may be a failure on my part to upload more detailed information (a CSS file address, or something of the sort). This will get sorted out eventually, but actual use need not wait for that day.
Any tips?Yes. In at least one document, LC0aA5 on Proofs of the Pythagorean Theorem, a failure to produce PDF output for a document was directly circumvented by using the “text print” option, and in the print panel selecting the “save as PDF file” output. Subsequently, it was possible to read THAT file, view it in Preview, and print from that application.

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