3V7033.03 More variations and pause deletions; noun-noun structure (1/25/80)

Peggy, Gretchen, and I drove over to Clinton to retrieve Scurry from the
kennel. As we rode along, I tried explaining my views of the
importance of Peggy’s variations and pause deletions. Peggy was more
interested in my furry gloves. She asked for them (they were on the
dash). ‘Gloves…on ?’ I responded ‘Gloves off.’ She tried again,
‘Gloves…on ?’ Again I refused, ‘Gloves off’ I can’t certainly recall her
deleting the pause here, but she may finally have done it, but I cite this
more as an example of how this simple social interchange can both
precede anchoring with variation and enhance the gradual development
of pause deletion.

When the dog was retrieved and came into the car, Peggy petted her,
and I asked ‘How’s our old poochie poo ?’ Peggy responded
‘Name…dog.’ This is significant both as an example of a known general
noun applied appropriately (similar to her use and exemplification of
the term ‘joke’ a few days previously) and as an example of a noun-
noun structure, different from her more common verb-noun pattern of
her speech.

Driving home, Peggy provided another example of variation. Something
dropped from the dash — perhaps a glove. Peg remarked ‘fall
down…fall sleep.’

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