3V0973.02 Letters and Counting (9/21/80)

Peggy played with a puzzle, a square 4x with 15 movable slabs in it,
each with a number on it from 1 to 15. I asked Peggy what she played
with and, when she said it was a present from Robby, asked by pointing
to the numbers, “What are those ?” She answered, “Letters….five, six,
seven, nine, ten, thirteen, fifteen.” While doing so, she pointed
variously at the numbered slabs. This clearly shows that she
distinguishes between letters and numbers but does not yet label them
consistently as we do. Further imperfect discriminations are witnessed
in her request that we play together, that I help her “count” her letters
— by which she means “place them in the tray they fit in.”

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