Text Material Focused on Rob, Selected
from the TIS Vignette Catalog

Rob appears, with variable importance, in 85 vignettes here of the 133 in the TIS catalog:
The full set of links to the entire catalog are accessible at LC2c Vignettes (at /lc2c-tis/lc2c-text/)
For other text source material about Rob, see the LC1b-Text Protocols.

#.# Title: (links to vignette text)Dates
2.1Productive Cheating (the clever hack)5/9/77
4.1The Clever Hack (2)5/12/77
7.1A Willing Subject5/18/77
9.1TicTacToe (2)5/22/77
21.1Miriam’s Room06/05/77
23.1Arithmetic Ripples (1)6/5/77
23.2Arithmetic Ripples (2, with 1)6/11/77
24.1Writing Stories6/12/77
24.2Writing Stories (2)6/12/77
26.1The Clever Hack (3)6/13/77
31.1Collecting Tolls6/19/77
34.1Candle Fire Crackers6/23/77
37.1Explaining shoot6/26/77
38.1Robby’s Place in the Project6/28/77
39.1Good News7/1/77
40.1Logo After Hours7/4/77
41.1Daddy is a Dum-dum7/5-7/77
42.1The Little Learning Lab/Follow the Turtle7/6/77
43.1Binary Counting7/7/77
44.1A Boring Session7/11/77
45.1Going Home7/15/77
46.1Rotten Hints7/19/77
47.1Loosing a Tooth7/20/77
50.1The Go-cart7/25/77
51.1Paper Ships7/25/77
52.1Fort Griswold7/26/77
53.1A Birthday Party7/25/77
55.1About Taxes8/1/77
58.1Owning an Angle8/4/77
60.1Surprise Party8/8/77
63.1Another Birthday Party8/12/77
68.1Continuous Quantity8/18/77
70.1Frisbee Bugs8/22/77
72.1Robby at TicTacToe8/25/77
73.1Not Being Ready/Logo and School8/26/77
74.1The Light Brigade8/27/77
75.1Logo Seahorses8/29/77
76.1Where Do Ideas Come From8/29/77
77.1A Geometric Puzzle8/29/77
79.1Sums Over A Hundred8/29/77
81.1Imitating Machines9/3/77
82.1Hanging Designs9/3/77
83.1Robby’s Work in this Project9/2/77
84.1Go Cart Demon/ Knock-knock Jokes9/5/77
86.1An Unexpected Test9/8/77
87.1Turtle Tactics9/8/77
88.1One or Many Minds9/8/77
91.1Squirming and thinking9/14/77
92.1Company for Dinner9/14/77
93.1Marx Brothers9/17/77
95.1Why the Project is Ending Now9/18/77
97.1Retrospective: Logo conference10/1/77
100.1Arithmetic Ripples9/26/77
101.1The Death of Robin Hood9/29/77
102.1The Last Day10/8/77
105.1Hotel Magee/Two Microworlds/Decadal Computation10/20/77
106.1TicTacToe and Nim10/22/77
110.1Where TicTacToc Ends10/30/77
113.1Steady State12/8/77
118.1Introducing Peggy1/26/78
119.1Multiplying by Twenty1/25/78
121.1Double Perspectives2/8/78
123.1Computation finale2/12/78
124.1Analogical guidance2/23/78
125.1Multiplying at Logo/Infinity3/13/78
127.1Moo Shu3/19/78
128.1Robby’s Topological Game4/2/78
129.1Robby Computes a Tax4/5/78
131.1Miriam’s 7th Birthday4/8/78
133.1Tempering Enthusiasm4/28/78
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