Peggy Study, Panel P131 Themes: Language Development, Object Exploration, Social Interactions Source: (Lawler); date: 7/27/1980 Title: Text commentary: These clips show ??; Why important ?? P131A Talk with Cameraman, 15mb P131B1 Toy People & Coins, 23mb P131B2 Toy People & Blocks, 20mb P131B3 Toy People & Objects, 12mb P131C1 Blocks, 17mb P131C2 Blocks, 13mb P131D …

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3V0918.02 Self-classification: “I daughter.” (7/28/80) Peggy confided to me thus that she was a daughter, sitting in my lap. Over the next few days, she refined that self classification. Mimi is the big daughter. Peggy is my little daughter.


3V0918.01 Non standard sentence: [Toast. That feel better me.] No further text available.


3V0917.01 Egocentricity and agent expression: very non-standard usage (7/27/80) At the beach: On their return, Peggy informed me of an event that was important to her(She has referred to it several times since, in nearly the same verbal formulation): “Go to the beach the beach and fall in the water, then somebody pick me up, …

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