P131E: Standard Objects: ring tower;other toys, 14mb

P131E Clip Notes

Notes: 3:04 by Analyst, 3/19/2014
Setting,Props Cedar Hall, Family Room:
Actors,Aims Peggy and Bob; Rob on camera.
Episode A:
0:03 to 1:55
The Problem: all the rings are supposed to go on
Peg: (holding up a ring to Bob) it’s bigger.
Bob: it’s bigger – – than what?
Peg: (holding 2 rings together) big as this. (Rotating, looking for something.)
Peg: hey. (Taking the ring tower base from the toy box and putting it on the floor between her legs) I looking for this.
Bob: oh, you were?
Peg: Yep. (With 2 rings in her hands, held together, she puts them both on the conical shaft together. The order is: on the bottom, ring A equal ring 1; above, ring B equal ring 3.) These work. (??) (She lifts and smacks the ring tower on the floor, but the gap remains between the 2 rings)
Bob: these works.
Peg: (while Bob spoke, peg slips ring C equal ring 4 on the conical shaft; selecting another ring from the toy tray, ring D equal 6, she tries to press it down so there is no gap between ring 4 and ring 6.)
Peg: (selecting another ring from the toy tray, ring E equal ring 6 duplicate, she puts it on top of the stack, then tries to bring the top 4 rings together to eliminate the upper gap; that does not work.)
Bob: you have some sort of problem there right?
Peg: yeah. (Peggy removes the 2 top rings, both ring 6.)
Bob: can you fix the problem?
Peg: (after dropping both rings on the floor, she picks one and holds it up to Bob.) Here’s one.
Bob: yes, it works.
Peg: (slowly slipping ring F equal ring 6 on the top of the shaft, she sees the gap again.) (Once more trying to eliminate the gap she squeezes the top 3 rings together.) There we go.
Bob: (picking out rings from the toy tray, then setting them down again) what about this one (ring 2) and what about this one (ring 4), where do they go?
Peg: I don’t know. (Reaching into the toy tray) wait a minute (?? or did she say “anywhere”?)
Bob: anywhere? (Verifying what she said; did he misunderstand her?) Okay.
Peg: (picking up too small rings) these not fit.
Bob: They don’t fit?
Peg: No.
Bob: (picking up ring 2) does this one fit?
Peg: yeah.
Bob: where’s it fit?
Peg: I don’t know… (Putting some small rings on the floor in front of Bob) 2 rings.
Bob: 2 rings? T, H, R, E, E.
Peg: (with a ring in her hand) me have /chee/ /oh/ /ee/. – – Imitating his spelling?)
Bob: I don’t understand what you said, sweetie.
Peg: (selecting ring G equal 4, she places it on the conical stack; it fits.) It all fit. (??)
Bob: (not noticing her moment of triumph) can you get all the rings on?
Peg: no. (Adding ring H equal ring 6 on the conical shaft; thus leaving a gap.)
Bob: why not? (As Peggy tries to squeeze the rings together to eliminate the gap) they’re supposed to go on.
Peg: everything? (While still struggling with the gap, she removes ring H equal ring 6)
Bob: everything. All the rings is supposed to go on.
Peg: (removing ring 4) this no works. (Leaning back away from the ring tower.) I want to have something to drink.
Bob: well, let’s stop the camera for a while, and go get something to drink.
Episode B:
1:56 to 3:04
Peggy Brings Out Other Toys to Play With
Episode C:
Episode D:
Episode E:
Episode F:
Episode G:
Episode H:

Panel P131, Language Development, Object Exploration, Social Interactions

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