3V0733.01 [chin hurts] Variation anchor, abetted by questioning. (1/25/80)

Peggy somehow hurt herself, and when asked what was the matter,
replied, ‘Chin hurts.’ A few days previously, as I was changing her
diaper, I became aware that she was talking away.
P : ‘…neck….hurt (or hurts, I could not notice)…’
G : ‘Your neck hurts, sweety ?’ I asked.
P : ‘No…tomac’
G : Oh, your stomach hurts ?
P : Knee
At first, I was confused by this litany, thinking her neck hurt, then
assuming her locution meant ‘I hurt my neck at some time in the past
(or my neck hurt…) But it seems that this was an example of variation
on an anchor, abetted by my questioning to find if anything was
seriously wrong. Gretchen.

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