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P146A Clip Notes

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Notes: 6:55 by Analyst, 10/04/2013
Setting,Props Cedar Hall, Family Room: Toys, Legos and Talk
Actors,Aims Peggy and Bob; GPL on camera.
Episode A: Peg: He flyin’ like a birdie.  Bob: He’s flying like a birdie.  Who’s flying like a birdie? Peg: ?unclear?  Bob: (passing FP toy person to her) Can you show me what you mean? 
Peg: (moving person onto Lego stack) He’s flying low, he bumps into it, stands up…. He going up, up, up to here. 
Bob: What is this part out here?  What’s this part out here?  What’s this part supposed to be?  Peg: (laying the toy down in Lego inverted arch) Like a person, he ?unclear? and fall down.  Bob: Like a person?  Peg: (sits back) ?unclear?  through the night. 
Bob: (pushing the wheeled Lego stack toward her). Peg: (pushing the wheeled stack back and forth; the person falls out). 
Bob: I don’t understand. It sounded as though you said something like “like unto be for the night.” 
Peg: (knocks the Lego stack over)  Fell down.
Episode B:
0:58 to2:15
Peg: ?unclear? I like it like that.
Bob: I like it a different way. Can I show you how I like it?
Peg: ?unclear?
Bob: I like it this way… and I like this one gone… Whoops. I like it this way…. so if the Daddy wants to take a nap, he can sleep right there. Is that good?… or bad?
Peg: ?unclear? Run away…
Bob: Who’s that? (pointing)
Peg: I don’t know.
Bob: Just something you’ve come back with?
Peg: ?unclear?… just a lady. ?unclear?
Bob: There goes that ?unclear? lady.
Episode C:
Bob: Who’s this? (picking up the striker for the Xylopipes; “walking it in her direction).
Peg: Who’s that?
Bob: You know what this ?unclear?
Peg: No.
Bob: You don’t? (let’s it fall on the pipes; resounding noise).
Peg: Who’s that’s a man.
Bob: You think that’s a man? Why’s that a man?
Peg: He married the lady.
Bob: I don’t think so. (lets it fall, again, on the pipes.)
Peg: (seizes the striker and picks up a Lego arch piece, returns both to her structure). ?unclear? …(?wicked old?) lady.
Bob: the witch?
Peg: No! That guy.
Bob: (pointing to the striker0 Do you know how to use that with these things here?
Peg: (she crawls over to pipes with striker; starts and then succeeds at inserting striker into the largest pipe) in here.
Bob: You think so?
Peg: Yah! It’s supposed to be a big city. [interpretation possible, but required here.] (extracting the striker, then re-inserting it in the pipe).. Goes way, way down.
Peg: I like to go Merry-go-round.
Episode D:
to 3:46
wonderful example of how Peg answers a questions for which she does not have the words or references by specifying a situation we were both in… my keeping her from falling off the merry-go-round.
Peg: I like to go Merry-go-round.
Bob: You do?
Peg: yeah.
Bob: Where do you like to do that?
Peg: Where you hold me. I might fall down.
Bob: Oh, you mean when we were down at the Guilford fair? And you were on the merry-go-round and I held you so you did not fall down?
Peg: Yeah!
Bob: That was fun. And I loved it.
Episode E:
3:25 to 4:24
Bob: You know what I think you do with these (picking up the striker)?
Peg: (putting her hands over her ears)
Bob: I guess you know. You use this to tickle a foot. (does so; then bangs Xylopipes) well OK. You don’t have to play with this. I just brought it out because you were playing with it earlier…. You were using it as a whacker.
Peg: (touching the rubber pad under the pipes). How about this?
Bob: That’s just something to keep it from banging on the floor…. and you can use this (the striker) to hit any of the pipes you want, but you don’t have to.
Episode F:
4:25 to 4:45;
Peg: Let’s Get More Logos.
Bob: More Logos?… I don’t know where we have any more…. I thought they were called Legos.
Peg: (definitely) Logos.
GPL: There are probably more free floating in the toy chest where I got these.
Bob: Well, why don’t you shut off the camera while we search.
Episode G:
4:45 Lego Motel;to 5:10
Bob: Well, we sure got a lot of stuff, didn’t we?
Peg: Yep. ?unclear? (She builds vertical structure into which she fits FP people).
Bob: Oh, that’s what they’re for.
GPL: She builds whole motels like that.
Peg: (fitting people in slots; verbalization unclear)
Episode H:
5:11 to 5:51
Peg: (picking up a toy doll) It’s broken, and you should fix it.
Bob: Well, why don’t you fix it?
Peg: I’m not a big guy yet.
Bob: OK
Peg: I’ll grow to be a big guy ?unclear? … he’s up on a horse.
peg: ?unclear? (starts focus on the toy horse and its detail). Eyes, face, head, and tail. (Comparing the detail of the toy doll with the horse; verbalization garbled)
Episode I:
5:52 to 6:31
Bob: Let’s turn around this way so we can see what you’re saying.
Peg: (This comic interlude shows how incommensurable are our perspectives. As we try to get Peg to sit facing the camera, her perspective is entirely different — one based on being close to or remote from the camera. A second possible alternative: she is focused on being opposite her play companion, Bob [less likely].)
Episode J:
6:32 to 6:55
Bob: You got all these Legos out. What are you going to do with them?
Peg: Put ’em back
GPL: Put ’em all back, did she say?
Peg: (pushes the Legos into a pile, then powers them in Bob’s direction; she bring into the context a girl doll, bouncing it on the floor)
Bob: Hop a long girl?
Peg: (bringing to the context a rabbit, bouncing it) Run, run, the rabbit runs along.


Panel P146, Order Triumphs.

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