P146E: Ring Tower 12mb

P146E Clip Notes

Notes: 3:12 by Analyst: News, 7/05/2013; P146EdetailsDF, Episodes D-F, 10/10/2013; Meaning, NAY.
Setting,Props Cedar Hall, Family Room: Ring Tower; 3:13
Actors,Aims Peggy and Bob; GPL on camera. Focusing on order.
Episode A: Peg: I’m done. Somebody can play with them. (She crosses to shelves to get down standard objects.)
Bob: Okay we’ll play with these toys later, too. (Pushing her toys aside.)
Bob: Do you need help with that? I think you do. (He rises to assist her.) Here, I got it.
Peg: (entering) I carry this end.
Bob: That’s a really good way to do it (setting it in place). Peg: Yep.
Bob: why don’t you come around here? (sitting down in front of tray.)
Episode B:
at 0:22
Peg: (in place) getting all toys out. (She removes the large box from the tray, and continues with the ring towers spindle; she removes the large box and puts it out of the way beyond the near beyond the tray near Bob.)
Peg: getting all the toys out. (Then moves spindle closer to Bob, who says “okay.”)
Peg: (Her focus is on the nesting cups.)
Episode C:
at 0:32
Peg: getting them all over here, all the cups for me. (Collecting cups; only 3-4 in tray.) Where the cups? (She is used to having a dozen.)
Bob: (passing last cup to her) here’s one cup.
Peg: where’s more bunch of cups?
Bob: that’s all the cups we have for now.
Peg: (placing one cup inside the other) here, where more cups… Get more cups.
Bob: we have a lot of rings today.
Episode D:
at 0:52
Bob: [lifting and dropping rings] See all these rings. [moves spindle in front of Peg] “Wanta play with those?
Peg: [reaches into try and puts largest ring on the spindle first.] ” ?*****? That goes way down.” [tries another ring, too small for the available slot on the spindle; she squeezes the bottom ring up to it]
Peg: [looking at a ring in the tray, at ~1:12, she points at the spindle gap] “I think that should go there.”
Bob: “What? What’s the matter?” Peg [picks up an even smaller ring, puts it on the floor and removes topmost ring.]
Bob: “Need help?… You got it.”
Peg: [picks another ring from the try] “That goes way down,” [but it does not.] “No.” [she removes it.]
Peg: [turns again to the tray and picks up the right sized ring; the last one there.]
Peg: “?I think that should get it?” [tries it on the spindle, with her fingers still inside the hole; it does not go down][as Peg starts to remove the ring, at 1:30 she takes her fingers out of the hole, which makes it loose enough she can make the ring go all the way down.]
Bob: “That was because you had your finger there.”
Episode E:
at 1:35
Peg: [picks a small ring from the tray; she tries it, sees it does not fit.] “That doesn’t go way down way down.” [she removes it] [next, Peg tries 2 together, and the fit and slip into place.]
Peg: “These two, and ?you? too.” [adding another on top; but it doesn’t fit; she looks around, and in the tray.]
Bob: [pointing] There’s one you put under, around there somewhere.”
Peg: [extracts it from under her dress and puts it on top of the non-fitting ring at 1:55] [She finds another ring]
Peg: “?Aren’t these fickle?” [she removes the non-fitting ring and places the fit ring to fill the gap; then places the next two rings in place.]
Peg: I did real good this time.
Bob: “that’s perfect, Peggy. You did beautifully.” Peg: “yeah.”
Episode F:
at 2:15:
Bob: “How did you figure that out?” [picks up the spindle and dumps off the rings.] “I’ll bet you couldn’t do it again.”
Peg: [takes up the spindle and the challenge but turns away from the camera, putting the bottom ring on. Bob re-orients her.]
Bob: “Look, Peg. Do it over here, so we can see it on the video camera. Will you turn around a little?”
Peg: [tries a small ring, which will not go down far., and removes it.] “No.” [Peg tries a larger ring which does go down but leaves a gap.] “No.”
Peg: “Say “No. No” [fitting on the correct ring] “On the side.” [?ref. to where the ring had been?]
Peg: [picks the next fitting ring, and another one.] Peg “Getting these all on.” [but that last one did not fit.]
Peg: “This doesn’t wanta go on.” [as she removes it.] Peg [places the remaining rings on in order.]
Bob: “That’s beautiful. You did it once again.” Peg: “Yeah”
Bob: “Shall I get you the other cups now ?
Peg: “OK.” [Bob rises to do so and spills the rings into the tray.]
The Ring Tower’s conical spindle forces stacking rings in order. When Peg was younger, Bob replaced that conical spindle with a regular cylinder. When Peg was able to place all the rings on the cyldrical spindle, the complication of the order constraint was restored by returning the concial spindle to the toy.

Panel P146, Order Triumphs.

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