3V0368.01 Relation of putting self to putting objects; (1/25/79)

Peggy continues with her eating utensils duplicating the activities we see her performing on the objects in the videotape sessions. For example, she was rolling about an empty yogurt cup on her tray and repeatedly inserted he spoon in it from the side. She also has been using a ruler (now covered with teeth marks) as a poker of other objects. Today she began a new things — putting objects on other objects. But let’s begin back a few days.

As Peggy has cruised about the floor from one piece of furniture to another, she began raising her right foot in a definite climbing motions. Gretchen tells me that two days ago she left Peggy on her bedroom floor while changing the bed and on turning around she found Peggy had crawled into Miriam’s low bed. This morning, when I saw Peggy trying to climb into my rocking chair, I lifted her to the seat. She was delighted. The point I make here is that Peggy has very recently shown interest in putting herself onto things not the floor.

Downstairs, after lunch today, late in the afternoon, Peggy crawled about and encountered Miriam’s stool. This is a bright red foot stool, some four inches high. She stood up with her hands on top, making her “jump;ing” motions, then raised her right foot to its edge and put it down.

This evening, playing on the floor of my room, Peggy sat in a pile of stuff — with a different stool nearby. She reached out for an old moccasin, picked it up a furniture brush of about the same dimensions and placed it on the stool. She put it on and off several times. She next used the pull string of her Brio cart: holding it more or less rigid between her hands, Peggy moved it over to the top of the stool as though she were placing a rigid object on the edge. Failure. Peggy then replaced the furniture brush on the stool. Finally, she put a second object on the stool (I believe it was my old moccasin) while the furniture brush was still there. During this time, Peggy was very much absorbed in their play. Turning about, she saw me watching, smiled and crawled over to be picked up.

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