P136C1: Standard Objects(1),Counting versus Correspondences, 3 at a time, 25mb

P136C1 Clip Notes

Notes: 5:23 by Analyst, 4/26/2014
Setting,Props Cedar Hall, Family Room:
Actors,Aims Peggy and Bob; GPL on camera.
Episode A: 0:03-0:40 Knowledge of Number Names: with beanbags
Episode B: 0:41-1:57 Utility and Correspondences: Balls, Beanbags & Cups
Episode C: 1:58-2:37 Correspondences: Balls, Cups, and Rings:
Episode D: 2:38-3:39 Correspondences: Balls and Boxes
Peg: (a noise a displeased frustration, as she leans over 3 nesting boxes in the toy tray.)
Bob: what’s the matter?
Peg: (lifting out box 2, the largest of the 3 in the toy tray, she replies: I want to [??] in these boxes. (She now selects box 3 and moves it from the toy tray to the floor between box 2 and box 4.)
Peg: (looking in the toy tray, she selects ball 3 – the ping-pong ball, inserting it in box 4.
Peg: (after looking on the floor, from the toy tray she selects ball one – the largest of 3, decorated with stars; she drops that in the large box, 2, saying: in this big box. With a quick glance at the toy tray, she locates ball 2, an orange-colored, plastic ball midway in size between the ping-pong ball and the decorated ball. She drops that directly into the medium sized box, 3.
Peg: (having put each of the 3 balls in its corresponding box, she picks up box 3 and pours out ball 2, saying: where these 2?… Again picking up ball 2, she returns it to box 3. She says: where these 2 balls?
Peg: (showing some uncertainty and frustration; daddy, I don’t –) (smacking her hand on the top of the box 3, she says: daddy, {can there be these down>??}) (Tapping box 2 on its top, then raising her hand above her head, she says: {if this is a big down>??}.) (Selecting box 3 and moving it next to box 4, she says: this is no biggie down.
Bob: which one is a little bitty down?
Peg: (raising box 3 on high, she says: that’s. Then she taps it on the bottom further specifying the box.
Bob: (pointing at box 4, he asks: what is this one, then?
Peg: (putting her hand inside the open face of box 4, she looks around the floor area nearby, and says – looking over her shoulder: I need that thing.
Bob: what thing is that, dear?
Peg: I need them cups (turning back to Bob)
Bob: (touching and pointing at 2 cups on the floor in front of her, he says: you have the cups here.
Episode E: 3:40-4:42 Balls and Rings:
Peg: (reaching into a pile of stuff near her right foot, she finds a Lego base with attached wheels, selects it for play, and says: I play with these [word=??]. She wheels it back to shoot it forward. She sends it forward a short distance, then reaches out for something else – possibly a FP toy dog which she tries to fasten on top of the Lego vehicle base.
Peg: (having come forward, she now selects 2 rings that are close at hand. She selects another ring as well, and returns to her seat by Bob’s knee, and lays out her 3 rings, saying: and that’s [word=all?]
Peg: (selecting box 4, she picks it up to recover the ball inside.
Bob: you want me to get that out for you? It’s pretty hard…. Can you do it?
Peg: (she brings box 4 over 1 of the other rings and pours the ball into it.
Bob: oh yeah, I guess you can. (Moving the 2 remaining boxes so the camera has a clearer view of the rings, he is interrupted.
Peg: (selecting box 2, she brings it over to the rings, saying: I will put this in the big [word=one?]. She pours ball 1 into ring 1.
Bob: in the biggest? Okay.
Peg: (selecting box 3, she pours ball 2 to into ring 2, saying: and then the other one.
Peg: every – (bringing ring 1 with ball one close to her, tucking it under her knee, she says: there are 2 balls.
Bob: (touching the ring and ball at her knee, he asks: but then, what is this one here?
Peg: well, let’s go 2 balls. (Reaching out toward the 2 balls seated in rings, she chooses to pick up the Fisher Price doggie toy, bringing it over to touch ball one now in her left hand; then she puts the doggie toy inside the ring which had held ball 1. Then, she covers up the doggie toy with ball one, after that pushing the ring and the doggie around on the floor with ball 1.
Bob: (as peg reaches out for another ball, he says to her: Peggy, I think what you need to know is the number 3.
Episode F: 4:38-5:23 The Number Three; Throwing Things;
Bob: (as peg reaches out for another ball, he says to her: Peggy, I think what you need to know is the number 3.
Bob: (pointing at each in turn – the 2 on the floor sitting in their rings, and then the 3rd in her left hand, he says: this is 1 ball, 2 ball, 3 ball.
Peg: (putting ball 1 down in ring 1, making little singing noises to herself.)
Bob: okay?
Peg: (reaching out to 2 rings and balls in front of her, she scatters them across the floor. Then throws ring 1 and ball one up in the air. The Fisher Price doggie toy also goes flying. She laughs happily.
Bob: (responds to her laughter, but not seriously; he starts to put toys back in the toy tray, saying: well, look. If you’re going to throw things around maybe we should put them away.
Peg: no. (Retrieving 3 cylindrical sticks in the toy tray she turns to Bob saying: here, daddy. She gives him the largest cylindrical stick.
Bob: how many of those do you have? (As he takes the stick from her, he says: that’s 1.
Peg: (giving him a short cylindrical stick she makes some uncommunicative utterance that sounds like: You He You He You He.
Bob: (still holding out an open hand, he asks: what’s that one?
Peg: (she continues her string that sounds like: you he in repetitions. She takes one of the cylindrical sticks back from Bob’s open hand.
Bob: (dropping the small cylindrical stick in the toy tray, he says: I don’t know what you’re saying, sweetie.
Episode G:

Panel P136, Language Development, Object Exploration, Social Interaction

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