P030A: Hidden Objects 8mb

P030A Clip Notes

Notes:n:nn by Analyst, 4/3/2018
Setting,Props Cedar Hall, Family Room: materials
Actors,Aims Peggy, with GPL & Robby, Miriam in Episode B; Bob on camera.
Episode A: Starts with Peggy sitting in her car seat and happily whining a bit; Peggy mouths her plastic doll.
GPL: Peggy, Peggy, (slowly and deliberately turning her head in the direction of Robby) look Robby. That..…
(Looking again at Peggy Gretchen repeats the preceding) Peggy, look at Robby.
Peggy: (waving her plastic doll in her hand looking at it and making noises)
Bob: (Turning the camera to Robby)
Rob: She didn’t do it.
Bob: She didn’t look at you?
Rob: No,… I think she may have a crappy diaper.
Bob: Ooops. (Returning Camera to Peggy) Maybe we’d better stop here and check that.
Episode B: at 0:28 GPL: Peggy, look at Miriam (pointing in Miriam’s direction) look at Miriam Peggy. (Gretchen’s arm is at a height that blocks any view of Peggy’s head.)
Peggy: (inarticulate exclamation)
Bob: could you do that again with your arm a little lower Gretchen?
GPL: (extending her arm on the lower) look at Miriam.
Peggy: (looking in Miriam’s direction; Miriam makes faces at Peggy to attract her attention)
Bob: (with camera focused on Miriam) Miriam, did she look at you?
Miriam: (nodding her head yes)
Bob: did she look right in your eyes?… Or what did she do? Can you describe what she did?
Miriam: no.
Bob: okay. Thank you.
GPL: (moving Peggy down to floor)
Bob: I think this doesn’t make any sense at all. Let’s stop here. Ending at 1:10
Episode C:
Episode D:
Episode E:
Episode F:
Episode G:
Episode H:

Panel P030, Object Knowledge, pre-Language Communication.

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