P053, Peggy at 1 year (video); GPL reads; blocks; aided walking; standing & letters; standard objects; on-top-of relation.


3V0376.01 Example of insensitivity to obvious features of objects (2/2/79) Peggy sits in my lap, often playing with my pipe. Today we sat near my very small table with its clutter of writing implements. Peg took one pen and began poking it into the pipe bowl. Casting her eyes over the clutter, she spied a …

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3V0374.01 Bad cold; general comments late in January 1979; (nominal date 1/31/79 added) Late January — a bad cold. Peggy has been sick for a week and more. vomiting, diarrhea, a low fever, her cries even had to make do with a hoarse little voice. she slept a lot. Videotape session P53 fell under the …

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3V0371.01 Three words: “I want that”. A well formed English sentence; progressive structuration 1/28/79 THREE WORDS — When Peggy has requested this or that, a common response has been the question “You want that?” If we see her smile when we are pointing to a specific object, we give it to her. Today at lunch, …

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