3V0775.03 Who’s that? — syngnostic use (3/7780)

Peggy does not distinguish Who and What. consequently, when
requesting the name of an object she asks, ‘Who’s that?’ Today she
held up a toy, plastic doll and asked “Who’s that?” “You mean your dolly?’
I responded. She then became more specific, pointing with her
finger on the bonnet, ‘Who’s that ?’ I understood then and answered,
‘That’s a hat.’ She pointed under the doll’s chin and asked, ‘who’s that?’
‘That’s a neckerchief.’

I speculate Peggy asks ‘who’s that ?’ in imitation of the frequent
question we put to her while reading.

This same dolly was the object around which another possible example
of repetition/further specification occurred. Peggy turned it over.
‘dolly…tie…back.’ (The doll’s apron is tied at the back.) Then pointing
at the tie, Peggy repeated ‘Dolly tie, that.’

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