3V113502 Daddy dum dum (3/2/81) Peggy frequently sings “the Fox” while we are driving down Goose Lane to Gymnastics. (Come to think of it, that is the only time she has been singing that song of late.) This time, she finished and continued vaguely da-de-da-de-de-da… until apparently accidentally she sang da-de-dum-dum… After a brief intake …

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3V113501 The Animal Game (3/2/81) Peggy has extended her animal game to others… Miriam specifically. I have heard Peggy asking her to play as they sat on the floor near the stove and then the perennial question, ‘What do you want to do now ?’


3V113301 A Gymnastic Show (2/28(81) Miriam went on-stage with the other tumbling kids of the Dutch Gymnastics School. The show began with ‘The Little Rascals’ — the youngest class — marching around and exercising in time (more or less) to directive songs. Peggy found that worth watching, but when they finished she said, ‘I think …

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