3V0221.04 Peggy Discovers an Inside (8/31/78)

Just now, we played on the bed after Peggy’s feeding. She crawled up to the headboard — fascinated both because of the wood grain and scroll work. She reached for and pulled a knob on the drawer of an adjacent small table. The drawer came open a few inches ! Peggy raised herself up and discovered (for the first time) an INSIDE. This wooden thing not only came apart with pulling, but also contained restaurant take-out menus, a tire patching kit, and some small pieces of paper, all of which could be moved by her hand’s insertion inside the drawer. Peggy was clearly delighted with the discovery and frustrated that her mouth could not explore what her eyes saw. She did manage to extract one small piece of paper and put it in her mouth. Eventually, her leaning on the drawer to reach inside led to its closing.

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