P094B: Ring Tower, with GPL, 22mb

P094B Clip Notes

Notes: 4:32 by Analyst, 4/8/2014
Setting,Props Cedar Hall, Family Room:
Actors,Aims Peggy and GPL; Bob on camera.
Episode A:
0:03 – 0:51
Ring Tower: surprising success
Peg: (pointing at some toys out of reach; utterance uncertain)?
Bob: would you like those other toys?
Peg: yeah (somewhat unclear; some fingers are in her mouth.)
Bob: let me get – let me get them for you. (Walking into the scene and reaching beyond GPL who sits on the floor near Peggy, he says: Gretchen, whill you let me have me that toy? I’ll put it up here.
Bob: (bringing the ring tower and the set of rings down to the floor, he says: here, we’ll put all those toys. (He returns to sit behind the camera.)
Peg: (looking down at the toys at her feet, she gestures at the toys and says: toys.)
GPL: (confirming Peggy’s word) toys.
Peggy: (stooping to the ring tower, she selects ring A equal ring 6, and as she puts it on the top of the shaft says: that. – (She presses down on ring number 6).
GPL: that doesn’t go very far, does it?
Peg: (sitting down down near the ring tower, she says: fits.
GPL: yeah, it fits, but it only fits on the top… You need one that fits on the bottom.
Peg: (while Gretchen talks, peg selects ring B equal ring 3 and places it on top of ring number 6. it balances there.)
Bob: (responding to Gretchen’s comment) that’s exactly why she now has that. (Referring to the recent restoration of the conical shaft to the ring tower base, in place of the earlier used cylindrical rod.)
Peg: (selecting ring C equal ring 1 she puts that on top of ring 3; it does not fall off. Next, peg selects ring D equal ring 2, and successfully balances it on top of ring 1. Then comes ring E equal ring 5.)
Bob: that looks pretty good, peg.
Peg: (as she successfully balances ring 4 on top of ring 5, she says, with obvious satisfaction: that. She turns and smiles at Bob, behind the camera.)
Bob: I would never have thought that would work so well.
Episode B:
0:52 – 2:04
Ring Tower: not so easy; GPL intervenes
Peg: Off. (Peggy removes ring 4, repeating: off. As she removes ring 5 with her left hand, rings wanted to fall the stack, leaving ring 6 and ring 3 still on top of the conical shaft. Peggy selects a newly defined ring C equal ring 1 and puts it on top of ring 3, saying: did it. With her right hand, she selects ring D equal ring 4, and balances it on top of ring 3.
Bob: you did it? (Now placing ring E equal ring 5 on top of ring 4, she says (uncertain): see? –
Peg: (As she does so, the 2 top rings, 4 and 5, slip off the stack to the floor. She continues nonetheless, selecting a new ring C equal ring 1 and balances that ring on top of ring B equal ring 3, with the happy claim: did it, followed by an exclamation (sounds like: pow), which she repeats as she adds ring D equal ring 5 on top of it.
Peggy: (reaching to her left for ring E equal ring 2, she says: did it – as she adds it to the top of the pile balanced on the conical shaft. It is unstable and falls off, this is followed by an uninterpretable comment.
Peg: (picking up both ring E, which just fell off, and the remaining ring selected as ring F equal ring 4, she moves as if to put both on top of the stack at the same time. This move brings the 2 rings E and F together; she looks at them, and takes ring 4 into her mouth – reaching out with ring E, as if to offer it to Gretchen. When Gretchen does not take it, she brings the 2 rings back together closer to her body.
GPL: (reaching out to the stack, she removes ring 5, then in a separate motion returns with ring 5 in her hand and also removes ring 1, and asks: is this one all faded?
Peg: (now takes ring 3 into her hand, looking at Gretchen.
Bob: (mumbling a bit, he replies to Gretchen, I don’t know about that.
GPL: (she replaces ring 1 on the stack on top of ring 6, setting ring 5 on the floor.
Bob: that surely is something you can worry about later if you must.
Peggy: (while Bob talks above, Peggy selects as a new ring C equal ring 3 and puts it on top of ring number 1. She choose thoughtfully on ring D equal ring 2 in both her hands while Gretchen talks below.)
GPL: usually they go in rainbow colors.
Peg: (with her left hand, she lifts together rings 1 and 2, removing them from the shaft and setting them on the floor. (Uninterpretable comment.)
Peg: (still holding 2 rings in her right hand, she struggles to remove ring 6 over the knob on the conical shaft which is a tight fit; she almost succeeds but ultimately fails. This leaves her to put the 2 rings from her right hand on the floor and take the ring tower with ring 6 into her lap.
GPL: but I expect the pale yellow to be next to the orange – yellow.
Bob: if she has trouble getting that off, will you help her get it off?
GPL: yeah.
Peg: (succeeds in removing ring 6 as this episode ends.)
Episode C:
2:01 – 2:53
Ring Tower: focus on Peggy
Bob: if she has trouble getting that off, will you help her get it off?
GPL: yeah.
Peg: (succeeds in removing ring 6 as episode C ends.)
GPL: hey! Wow!
Peg: off. (ring 6)
GPL: you got it off.
Peg: (uncertain word) top.
GPL: you put it back on.
Peg: (selecting ring B equal ring 4, she adds that on top of ring 6 while holding the ring tower in her lap with her left hand. She repeats that uncertain word which I interpret as top, although it may be cup.
Peggy: (lifting off ring B equal ring 4, she whacks the conical shaft with ring 4, then forces ring 6 off the shaft with her left hand pushing up from underneath.
Peg: (still holding the ring tower in her lap, she puts ring 4 on it and pushes it down; this is now ring A. Selecting ring B equal ring 2. Selecting ring C equal ring 5, she brings it to her mouth, then slips it over the knob at the top of the conical shaft and says: (sounds like: EE; possibly eat). She then says: bite.
Peg: (reaching down by her knee, she selects ring D equal ring 1, and brings it to her mouth, biting it.
GPL: you’d make a great government agent in a counterfeit coin department, peg.
Peg: (slipping ring D equal ring 1 on top of the stack, it will not stay; it falls off immediately and rolls away.
GPL: wahoo! (Reaching out, she captures the rolling ring and Rosa gently back towards her foot, to Peggy’s area.
Bob: don’t let it get away.
Episode D:
2:54 – 3:20
Ring Tower: don’t encourage throwing
Peg: (while watching the other ring role peg tilts the ring tower and another ring falls off and rolls away. GPL recovers it.
Bob: just put it down. I don’t want her to start throwing things all over
peg: (after mouthing ring D equal ring 6, she bangs it twice on the base of the ring tower and says: (sounds like: gone.) She tries to fit it on top of the ring towers stack, but it does not stick so she puts it on the floor and slides it over towards Gretchen’s foot.
GPL: yuck.
Peg: wet?
GPL: you bet it’s wet!
Peg: (removing ring C, she examines it, then sets it down on the floor.
Episode E:
3:20 – 4:07
Ring Tower: rationale for these toys
Bob: (explaining the rationale for her playing with these toys, specifically.) The reason for play with these toys at this point, Gretchen is these are toys that require some understanding of how they fit together to function.
GPL: yeah.
Bob: so it’s perfectly fine to help her get things together…
Peg: (while Bob is talking, peg continues assembling rings on the ring tower. She begins with 2 rings on the tower in her lap held by her left hand on the conical shaft. The 1st ring on the conical shaft, ring A equal ring 4. The 2nd ring B is ring 2. Peg removes both those rings taking ring a up to her mouth and biting it. She puts it back on the conical shaft. Selecting ring B equal ring 2 she puts that on top of ring 4. She selects ring C equal ring 3, putting it on top of ring B. Ring D equals ring 5 tops the stack, and apparently has enough purchase of the knob on top of the conical shaft that it remains in place even though the ring tower is tilted now and again. Ring E equal ring 1 is put on top of the stack but it falls off immediately.
Peg: (looking directly at the top of the stack she says: (uninterpretable utterance)
GPL: let? (When the top ring 5 slips off the shaft and rolls across the floor Gretchen traps it holds it in place.
Bob: (while peg removes the rings currently on the stack, he continues comments for Gretchen about the questions the puzzle presents.) The whole question here is whether she can figure it out well enough to order those things. We shouldn’t expect her to do that right away – and she has not – but it’s possible that she’s going to figure out – – it looks like she’s quitting this (as peg rises and starts pointing at other things in the room.)
Episode F:
4:08 – 4:32 Moving On
Ring Tower: seeking other toys
Peggy: (putting down the ring tower and all the rings on the floor, peg turns and points up, to some objects on top of the piano, offstage. She rises and starts walking towards Gretchen.
Bob: it looks like she’s quitting this…. Hey, peg, you want to play with that anymore or do you want to stop that? Shall we put the toy away?
Peg: (turning back toward the ring tower on the floor, she walks to it picks up a couple of the rings.
Bob: okay let’s stop for a little while.
Episode G:

Panel P094, Language Development, Object Exploration, Social Interactions

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