Peggy Study, Panel P074 Themes: Insertion in Cylinders, Standard Objects and Dolls, Social interactions Source: (Lawler); date: 6/26/1979 Title: Text commentary: These clips show Peggy trying insertions and autonomous action P74A1 Slow Start, 17mb P74A2 Banger & Hiding, 5mb P74B1 Cylinders w/Miriam, 22mb P74B2 Banger w/Miriam, 19mb P74B3 Cylinders w/Miriam, 18mb P74B4 Distractions, 7mb P74C1 …

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3V0524.01 Pragmatics and names [bring me the snuggle gruggle] (6/30/79) Peggy was playing with a large ball. At one point, when it was not in her possession and she had been distracted by something, I said to her, “Peggy, bring me the snuggle gruggle.” Without hesitation she went over to the ball, picked it up, …

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3V0522.01 Tirades disappeared; “comments” instead (6/28/79) What happened to the ‘tirades’ and recording of them? The attempt at recording failed because they dropped out of Peggy’s behavior — rather, they took a reduced form which is more appropriate to call “comments.” The characteristic of a comment is its length — typically two or three sentences …

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3V0520.01 Naming with pointing at pictures; alternating car, dog (6/26/79) Miriam and Peggy were looking at a book by Richard Scary. Peggy pointed to a picture of a dog driving a car. Miriam said, “Car.” Peggy pointed again. “Car.” And again. “Car.” About the fourth or fifth repetition, Miriam was bored and tired of repetition. …

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3V0518.01 Naming with pointing [car] (6/24/79) Driving in her car seat, Peggy named a car [ka] with pointing simultaneously. Gretchen.