P149C2: Standard Objects(2), Nesting Cups versus Boxes 18mb

P149C2 Clip Notes

Notes: 3:58 by Analyst, 4/24/2014
Setting,Props Cedar Hall, Family Room:
Actors,Aims Peggy and Bob; GPL on camera.
Episode A: 0:03 – 0:59 Her Focus on Cups:
Peg: there! (Inserting the last small cup in the stack of nesting cups.)
Bob: yeah. You sure did that!.. Ha! (Dropping another object in the top cup.) Put that in there.
Peg: no! (As she starts to remove it.)
Bob: why not?
Peg: it’s not a Cup.
Bob: oh, you are right. Okay… Hey, here’s a good thing though, look, we’ve got 4 blocks.
Peg: (he lays out 3 blocks on the floor in front of her – and the 4th is in her hand.
GPL: 4?… Oh yes.
Peggy: (she puts the 4th one on the floor beside the other 3.)
Bob: (pointing to each block in turn) we’ve got a great big one, a little tiny one, a little one, and the middle one. – Or medium.
Peg: (unclear phrase; suggesting by her tone and her withdrawal that something is wrong.)
Bob: did I do something bad?
Peg: I don’t know.
Bob: I don’t know, either. – You want to play with the cups again?
Peg: yes. (Her tone brightens.)
Bob: (he drops some of the cups on the floor in front of Peg, and gives her the remainder of the nested stack.) Oops! They’re all falling apart. Uh-oh, clumsy daddy.
Peg: Uh-oh. (Holding out two large cups that are stuck together.) You play with this.
Bob: (while separating those 2 cups) you know what I can do? I can make a big tall building with the cups. Do you want to see how?
Peg: I can make it.
Episode B: 1:00 – 2:24 Bob Intrudes a Challenging Example:
Bob: Well, I’ll show you something else. You see all these boxes, right? I’m going to make a big tall building with the boxes.
Peg: (unclear phrase: that would be??)
Bob: Then you tell me if you can make a big tall building with the cups.
Peg: I am.
Bob: (quickly stacking boxes one through 4 to make a tower; as he looks offstage where she has assembled 2 cups together, he says: that’s not a big tall building; look how tall my building is.
GPL: a veritable ziggurat.
Bob: your cups are not making a big tall building, at all. It’s tiny.
Peg: (pouring out some of her cups) I can make a tall building – with my blocks.
Bob: you think you can?
Peg: yeah.
Bob: I don’t think you can.
Peg: yes I can. I know how.
Bob: how?
Peg: this way. (She takes 2 cups that are stuck together and uses them as a base to which she adds another cup with its open face upwards.
Bob: Saints preserve us.
Peggy: (she drops a smaller cup inside the top cup with the open face.)
Bob: that’s no big tall building there.
Peg: (she adds another small cup that fits inside the 2 on the top of her stack.)
Bob: that’s just cups going inside each other.
Peg: (she adds a 3rd cup inside the topmost cup with the open face; it is too large to fit inside the 2 cups already in the topmost cup, so it sits atop them projecting above the lip of the topmost large cup.)
Peggy: (laughing) yeah, I making it tall. (She has another small cup that could be contained whether one in which it sits; it is not because it is inserted in an angle.)
Bob: look how tall mine is. (Moving it closer to her stack) it’s a real biggie.
Peggy: (showing some frustration, she removes cups from the topmost open face cup and starts to insert others in the fashion of a nested containment. She adds several cups and places another inverted cup on top of that subordinate stack.
Bob: See, mine is still taller than yours. – And you have all those cups.
Peg: yeah. And I made it to.
Bob: you sure did… Are you proud of that? You should be, it’s very nice.
Episode C: 2:25 – 3:10 Peggy’s Solution:
Bob: can you put the cups anyway that will make them taller than my big building, here?
Peg: (rising from her seat on the floor, she says: I will. Then grasping the bottom cup, she stands up with the whole stack, carefully trying to keep it from falling.
Bob: are you ready for this, Gretchen?
Peggy: (fully on her feet, she slowly takes her stack of cups to the top of Bob’s big building. With continuing careful movement, she sets it down on top of the stack of boxes. When she lets go, it topples to the floor.
Bob: Uh-oh…. I didn’t do it. Peg? (He returns a handful of cups to her; then continues to return cups while he says: I think if you want to get your cups taller than my building, you have to figure out some other way.
Peg: (while Bob has been fishing out the cups from the collapsed stack, Peg has started hopping across the floor; she continues doing that.) (Uncertain phrase: I can’t do it. (??)
Bob: (apparently missing the possible negative; he says: you can? Prove it to me will you?
Peg: I might.
Bob: well, come sit over here, instead of jumping around over there.
Peg: (crossing to the spot Bob indicated, she says: uh-oh, we could put these away.
Episode D: 3:11 – 3:58 Putting the Toys Away:
Peg: we could put these away.
Bob: we should? (Trying to understand what she wants to do.)
Peg: (carrying some toys to the toy tray and making noises, she says: that they will go away. I get the beanbags.
Bob: we will put the cups away?
Peg: yeah. I will do.
Bob: I’ll help – get rid of those stupid cups.
Peg: let’s do it.
Bob: they’re not stupid actually; the pretty nice cups.
Peg: I put them away too.
Bob: you going to play with the beanbags and the cigars?
Peg: yeah.
Bob: (picking up the smallest cylindrical stick) can I put this little one in here too?
Peg: maybe I’ll put these away too (as she places the beanbags and the sticks in the toy tray).
Bob: do you want to get the letters?
Peg: yes.
Episode E:
Episode F:
Challenge and Responses. Relative Difficulty of Nesting Boxes and these particular Nesting Cups

Panel P149, Object Exploration, Reading, Letters

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