P078, Peggy at 18 months (video): balls and cylinders, ring tower, wooden nickels w/Miriam; standard objects.


3V0552.01 [up stairs] : (07/28/79) Downstairs: “Peggy, where are you going ?” [up – stairs] Gretchen.


3V0550.03 Lily Pads (7/26/79) Peggy and I went down to the lake with the older children. They swim and Peggy potters and patters about. At one point Peggy pointed in the direction of the lily pads just to the left of the beach area and said, [what is that]. I repeated the question and told …

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3V0550.02 /va/va’/ (7/26/79) out walking with Peggy, we heard (but did not see) a dog bark. Peggy pointed in the general direction of the sound and said /va/va’/. Gretchen.


3V0550.01 [is a stairs] (7/26/79) Recently Peggy has been using the phrase “Is a X”. This use has been in a context we would interpret as declaring the identification of a thing. It may not mean that to Peggy. It may mean that and other things as well, as this observation suggests. I recently refinished …

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