LC0aO2h: 1992 Rebuilding ^

Here is the root table for rebuilding in the first year, organized into 6 galleries
and 1 table with 6 galleries. The pictures are segregated into system specific groups
although work on the various systems often proceeded in parallel. Clicking on any picture
activates “lightbox mode,” with larger pictures and slideshow accessible.

Wiring harness lines

LC0aO2h4: Wiring Upgrade (4)
This begins replacement of point-to-point wiring based on circuit diagrams
with a less chaotic appearing scheme more easily buried in the under body.
Top view of installed engine

LC0aO2h5: Engine/Drive Train (6 galleries)
Decision to sub-contract the engine re-build.
Recovering the engine from rebuild shop, installing and testing.
New marine plywood

LC0aO2h6: Frame and Body (13)
Reconstruction of the tub interior goes on in parallel with exterior.
Left rear hub under wheel well

LC0aO2h7: Suspension and Wheels (11)
Reconstruction of a wheel hub
Body in primer, side

LC0aO2h8: Paint and Surface Preparation (8)
Base primer over underlaying zinc chromate metal preservative.
Mixing components of the Ivory body color

LC0aO2h9: Mixing New Paints (10)
Tom’s expert advice was to go with cyano-acrylic paints. We did.
Here we see mixing the colors into the base.
Returning to home garage

LC0aO2hA: Returning MG Home (8)
Running low on cash, I suspended the project and freed Tom’s garage.
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