3V1063.01 Hop on Pop: the right phrase; the wrong orthographic order

Peggy brought me this book to read and spontaneously read the title,
pointing to each of three words, “Hop on Pop”… Subsequently, (again
spontaneously) she read on the title page, “Hop on Pop.” This was most
interesting in that she pointed to “Pop”, “on”, and then “Hop” while
reciting “Hop on Pop.”

Significance: Although she gets the details wrong ,Peggy shows here the
idea of one-to-one correspondence between the syllables she says and
the letter groupings on the page.

Further: At the end, I read “Constantinople and Timbuktu.” When I
pointed to those words, she objected that “and” could not be a word
because it was too little (compared to the other two).

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