P114C1: Standard Objects, 20b

P114C1 Clip Notes

Notes: 4:24 by Analyst, 4/6/2014
Setting,Props Cedar Hall, Family Room:
Actors,Aims Peggy and Bob; Rob on camera.
Episode A:
0:03 – 0:40
Ring Tower:
Peg: (sitting behind the toy tray and taking the ring tower from it, she sets it on the floor off to the side and says: do next. She repeats that.)
Peg: (selecting ring A equal ring 0 from the toy tray, she says: do next, and inserts that on the conical shaft and let’s it fall to the base.)
Peg: (selecting ring B equal ring 4, she puts it on the shaft and it drops to the inner hole diameter determined height on the conical shaft.)
Peg: (selecting ring C equal ring 5, she lifts it, says: no, and returns it to the toy tray; selecting ring D equal ring 6, she brings it to the top of the conical shaft and presses it down over the knob.)
Peg: (looking around rapidly, she asks: where daddy?
Bob: (crossing behind her, he replies: I’m right here. Then sitting on the floor beside her he asks: what are you doing?
Peg: (selecting ring E equal ring 1, she answers: say doing something (The first word is unclear.) as she places ring E on top of the top of ring 6.
Bob: doing something?
Peg: (enthusiastically) yes! (Leaning over the toy tray, apparently looking for something, she asks: where another is? (Ring 5 is visible to the camera near peg’s left knee.)
Bob: another is? I don’t have another here.
Peg: (reaching out for a cup in the toy tray, Peg ends this episode.)
Episode B:
0:41 – 0:59
Cups with pictures:
Episode C:
1:00 – 1:20
Beanbags: searching for more
Episode D:
1:21 – 1:47
Balls and Tube:
Episode E:
1:48 – 2:25
Box and Tube, and Experiment with Ball
Episode F:
2:26 – 2:54
Rings from the Tower:
Bob: (speaking to cameraman Rob, he notes: Rob, when you are the cameraman, usually you’re supposed to keep out of the action.
Rob: okay. Sorry
Bob: no big problem.
Peg: (as Bob finishes his comment, Peggy reaches with her left hand and begins removing rings from the conical shaft. Ring E is on the floor; ring 6 is more difficult because of the tight fit over the knob. As she tries to remove ring 6 the leverage lifts the ring tower in the air and tilts it over. She bangs the ring tower on the floor and gets ring 6 off, and the others come tumbling after. She exclaims: did it!
Bob: (drawing a ring from under his right knee, he asks: here, do you want this one to?
Peg: yeah.
Rob: Peggy, would you turn around?
Peg: where?
Bob: Robby wants to see what you are doing, peg. (He moves the tube in between Peggy and the toy tray, which leads to her turning around to face the camera.) Okay?
Peg: yeah. (She apparently has no focus or attention on the ring tower and the rings.)
Episode G:
2:55 – 4:05
Peggy Selects an Airplane; discusses it
Episode H:
4:06 – 4:24
Examining the Base of the Ring Tower:
Peg: (standing by the toy tray, Peg leans down and seizes the ring tower base and shaft from the floor; turning it sideways, she examines the bottom where the conical shaft comes to the base, noticing that the shaft has a hole in the bottom, she says: (??) There is hole. (Turning it over for Bob to see, she pokes her finger in it and says: there hole… In it.
Bob: there’s… there’s the hole.
Peg: (she sets it on the floor, raising it up so it sits on its base. With this the episode ends.)

Panel P114, Language Development, Object Exploration, Social Interactions

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