P126B1: Standard Objects: Ring Tower, without Order, 19mb

P126B1 Clip Notes

Notes: 4:08 by Analyst, 3/24/2014
Setting,Props Cedar Hall, Family Room:
Actors,Aims Peggy and Bob; GPL on camera.
Episode A:
03: to 1:55
Sitting with Daddy; getting started
Episode B:
1:56 to 2:29
Ring Tower: without order
Peg: (selecting ring A equal ring 6, peg then takes the ring tower with her left hand and sets it on the floor in front of her. She immediately places ring A on the conical shaft. Pressing it down with some force she says: can’t go on.
Bob: it can’t go on what?
Peg: it’s only – (?? Nope?? Dope?) (After banging the ring tower on the floor a few times, peg moves to the toy tray saying: others go on. These go on. (While selecting ring B equal ring 0, which she adds to the top of the conical shaft – – ring B stays on the shaft but in a lopsided fashion.)
Peg: (selecting ring C equal ring 1, she says: these did (??) Go on. As she places ring 1 on top of ring 0, ring 1 slips off.
Bob: does that go on? .. (Pointing) well look, it just fell off.
Peg: up. (Describing her own action; with an uninterpretable phrase, peg exits the room.)
Episode C:
2:30 to 3:20
Eating Bread and Talking:
Peg: (sitting on the floor with the ring tower in front of her and a partially eaten slice of bread off to the side, Peggy looks towards Bob as he returns to the scene.)
Note: this episode continues in conversation and eating bread. The ring tower is not a center of focus for the rest of this clip.
Episode D:
3:21 to
Balls, Beanbags, Cups (1-1)
Episode E:
Episode F:
Episode G:
Episode H:

Panel P126, Language Development, Object Exploration, Social Interactions

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