3V1035.01 Constructive reading: Reading pictures and her own memories

Peggy’s crib is an unbelievable mess. There is hardly room for her with
all the animals, covers, books in it. When put to bed before she’s
sleepy, she will often read silently to herself. I have heard her, in the
mornings, reading aloud. It is clear she can read nothing but the
pictures — and her own memories. She makes up her own “reading”
from what she remembers and what she observes in the pictures.

At first, Peggy felt embarrassed about this constructive reading. She
KNEW SHE couldn’t read — but she became convinced it was OK for
reading to herself and to me. I often go to bed earlier than the children
— Peggy likes to pop into bed beside me with a Tintin. She has often
failed to get me to read it when I am too sleepy and then has been content
to read to me.

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