3V0085.01 Social development: outgoing; interactions with family 4/17/78; 2;26

Peggy is considerably more outgoing than a month ago.. She lets us know we should pick her up by crying, and she wants to be picked up most of the time. Over the past week, she has become distractible from wanting to be held if anyone plays with her by making faces. An air-intaking, wide open mouth (gesture of mock surprise) is her favorite and leads directly to big smiles. She shows no laughter yet but it is beginning in squeals of delight, as yesterday while she sat in my lap. Peggy now enjoys bouncing up and down to “Ride a horse to Boston” this other rhyme: (Miriam introduced this rhyme– one like Danny Hillis did with her at Logo):
Giddy-up horsie
Go to town
Take little Peggy there.
Don’t fall down !
“Pop goes the weasel!” — with Peggy flying high in the air on the second “Pop” — frightens her a little, but she enjoys it too.
Peggy is sleeping regularly and feeding well — but she now often interrupts her meal to smile and play with Gretchen.

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