3V177302 Time and Days (11/30/82)

We’ve begun a new regimen. After discussing my notes of yesterday (I got her up at 6am) Gretchen agreed to the regularization of our lives. Kids rise at 7 am. Supper at 7 pm. We did it. (Rob did not get out of bed, but Miriam did.) I made it home in time for a 7 pm supper. Rob left the table early to write a book report and I began at 8 to play with Kate and Peggy. Peggy’s new bedtime will be 9 pm. Kate will go to bed at 8 pm (difficult yesterday because she napped from 2 pm to 5 pm). Kate should nap from 1-3 pm because this would give Gretchen maximum flexibility of schedule and control.

Days of the week have become a topic, a la 1.B. in the previous note. Can I make something on the computer for Peggy about this ? Her schedule – today, tomorrow, and names ? Maybe…

After Kate went to bed, Peggy brought out a Richard Scary book and then “read” to me.

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