P154F: Standard Objects,Beanbags, Balls, Cups & Boxes, 11mb

P154F Clip Notes

Notes: 2:21 by Analyst, 4/21/2014
Setting,Props Cedar Hall, Family Room:
Actors,Aims Peggy and Bob; GPL on camera.
Episode A: 0:03 – 1:10 How many (balls, cups, boxes) ?
peg: (scrouching over to the toy tray, she asks: what shall we play now? – Beanbags! (She picks the beanbags in the toy tray tosses them in the air and they fall to the floor.)
Peggy: who took away the other beanbags? The flowered one.
Bob: well, how many beanbags do you have there?
Peg: 3. But we can — with the other. (Interpretation uncertain.)
Bob: yeah. I put it away somewhere else.
Peg: where? (Pointing) up there?
Bob: yeah. – – Peg, can you find out how many balls we have here (aligning the tray for easy review)?
Peg: I don’t know.
Bob: can you count them? – – I’m just talking about the balls in this little box.
Peggy: not a little box. It’s a big one.
Bob: it’s a big box? Okay. How many balls do we have in this big box?
Peg: (not entirely clear) uncertain – word, 3.
Bob: 3? How many cups do we have in this big box.
Peg: 3. Where are the others?
Bob: where’s the others?
Peg: (lifting the 2 inverted cups in plain sight, she says: we can find 2. (Putting both cups down on the floor) could you get the others, dad?
Bob: I don’t want to get the others now.
Episode B: 1:11 – 2:21 Boxes Selected: Peggy is unhappy; Bob relents
Peg: (picking up the large box, then replacing it in the toy tray)
Bob: how many wooden boxes, in this big cardboard box?
Peg: (picking up both the large and medium-sized boxes, one with each hand, she asks a question – – not possible to interpret now.) (She places both boxes on the floor, open, face upward; she then puts one beanbag in the medium-sized box and two beanbags in the large box in separate movements.)
Peg: (she peers into the small box and looks on the tray seeking something. And says: (uninterpretable phrase).
Bob: (picking up the small box and offering it to her, he asks: are you looking for this one?
Peg: (taking the smaller box and putting it between the other 2, between her feet, she then selects the ping-pong ball from the toy tray and tries to put it in the small box, saying – after a 1st failing attempt – fits. She then succeeds at inserting the ping-pong ball in the small box.) You know where it fits? In this bigger one? Where the big one? (She may be referring to the largest ball; apparently Bob misunderstands.)
Bob: oh, you mean the great big box too?
Peg: yeah.
Bob: I put that away also.
Peg: (drawing back from the toy tray, she asks: whudda is? (I believe this means “where that is?)
Bob: That’s up on my shelf. We can get it later.
Peggy: (drawing further back from the toy tray, crossing her feet and legs in front of her.)
Bob: in my making you unhappy by putting those away? Yes, I am. Okay. I’ll get the other toys (rising from the floor). I surely don’t want you to be unhappy, do I? – – Here it is!
Peg: (reaching out, she takes the largest wooden box from Bob and puts it on the floor.)
Bob: here you go. Do you want that other beanbag too?
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Panel P154, Language Development, Object Exploration, Social Interaction

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