LC0aO2i: 1993 Rebuilding ^

The main focus here is re-creating the body surface and appearance, but other developments occur in parallel.
This root table for rebuilding in the second year is organized into 7 system specific galleries and 1 table with 5 galleries.
Clicking on any picture activates “lightbox mode,” with larger pictures and slideshow function accessible.

MG on to tow truck to Tom's garage

LC0aO2i1: Returning MG to Tom’s Garage (2)
Engine rear water port

LC0aO2i5: Engine/Drive Train (3)
a divagation into a detail of reconstruction.
Side curtain storage bin

LC0aO2i6: Frame and Body (4)
Tub interior back end.
Cowl & side panel ready for paint

LC0aO2i8: Paint and Surface (5 galleries)
Attaching the first rear wing

LC0aO2i9: Body Assembly (20)
Begining to put finished pieces together
Inside view of bonnet latch

LC0aO2iA: Smaller Body Assemblies (22)
Various components, underwing to upholstery, all important.
On its wheels, outside

LC0aO2iB: On Its Wheels (5)
First “proof” we might get it back together after all.
Luggage rack over gas tank

LC0aO2iC: Completing the Tail End (16)
Preparing the gas tank; adding a luggage rack.
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