P146F Behavior Details for Episodes B through F

Object Focus: Nesting Cups, ten in number.

Nesting Cups and Boxes

Size order: cup 1 through cup 10 (numbers increasing by decreasing inner diameter.
The largest cup is 1; the smallest is 10. Selection order: ring A through J.
This is a first pass: it’s difficult to identify some of the cups; size IDs may be revised.

starting with Episode B: at 0:40
B. [emptying cups onto floor, point] P. picks cup A w/Left hand.
B. moves her to face camera. P. while moving, P.inserts cup B into cup A.
B. “How’d that get in there?”
P. [continues, putting cup C inside A&B]
B. “Oh you put that in there?” P. “Yep.”

P. [tries cup D, blocked by cups B&C already in cup A.] says “No” [and removes cup C].
P. [places D inside, then puts cup C inside the D.]
P. [touches without pick-up another cup, then selects and picks up cup E]
P. [removes (lh) cups D&C from inside cup B; inserts cup E inside cup B
P. [tries to insert cups D&C inside E — fails] says “No.” [inserts cup F inside cup E.]

and places the latest 2 cups inside the big one. Then tries the removed cups, still in hand. Blocked.] “No.”
P. selects a smaller cup which will fit; takes out one, puts in another. Hesitates. {Appears not to know which she should prefer.}

P. [takes out the last single cup inserted; replaces the 2 cups from left hand, then inserts the just removed cup inside the 2 cups..]
P. [ she backs off from inserting the smallest nearby cup in the current string.]

continuing with Episode C: at 1:13

continuing with Episode D: at 2:??

continuing with Episode E: at 2:38

continuing with Episode F: at 3:00

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