P148F: Standard Objects, 21mb

P148F Clip Notes

Notes:4:28 by Analyst, 3/9/2014
Setting,Props Cedar Hall, Family Room:
Actors,Aims Peggy and Bob; GPL on camera.
Episode A:
0:03 to 1:00
Bob: (pointing at the ring tower in Peggy’s hand) Now, I tried to leave that toy behind but Peggy wanted to play with it.
Peggy: (putting the ring tower down on its base) I can make this one.
Bob: Okay. (Moving things out of her way to give her play space).
Peggy: (removing the rings) Take off these… things.… (Looking at Bob) what shall I do now?
Bob: what do you want to do now?
Peggy: Fix these rings (selecting ring A equal ring 2; putting the ring on the conical shaft – it does not go down to the base of the ring tower)
Bob: uh-oh. What’s the problem there?
Peggy: It won’t go down.
GPL: daddy didn’t do it right.
Peggy: (picking up ring 1 from the toy tray; holding it up to Bob) this goes down.
Bob: are you sure?
Peggy: yeah. It goes way way down. (Selecting ring B equal ring 1).
Peggy: (selecting ring B equal ring 2, Peggy slips it on the conical shaft and it settles easily on top of ring 1) (uninterpretable comment)
Bob: I think you’re right.
Peggy: (selecting ring C equal ring 3, she puts it directly on the conical shaft) Yep, yep.
Bob: (repeating, reaffirming her action) Yep, yep. Yep. Yep.
Peggy: (and uninterpretable comment that sounds like: look at my finger)
GPL: (repeating a couple times) uh-huh.
Peggy: (slipping ring D equal 4 on the conical shaft, then touching the joint between the top two rings) and I can ?? My fingers.
Peggy: (placing ring E equal ring 5 on the shaft, she says what might be: “still one to go”)
Bob: I don’t understand what you said.
Peggy: (while Bob is speaking, Peggy selects ring F equal ring six and completes the solution of the puzzle.)
Episode B:
1:01 to 2:44
Peggy: (she spies ring 0 in the toy tray and crawls over to fetch it, making an uninterpretable comment while doing so)
Bob: that’s too big Peggy. It’s from a different toy.
Peggy: We… Put it on. (On being asked, she returns to her seat on the far side of the ring tower.)
Peggy: I will.
Bob: You’re a very cooperative girl.
Peggy: I’m taking off the rings (the speech describes her action; removing ring 3, she places it on the floor to her right a little behind her knee, then places the larger rings there as well.)
Peggy: (selecting ring A equal ring 0, she places it on the shaft while saying) this… Go on, way way down.
Bob: way down.
Peggy: yeah, way way down. (Selecting ring B equal ring 1, she puts that on the cylindrical shaft) that.
Peggy: (selecting ring C equal ring 4, from directly in front of her, she sees it will not “go way way down,” then removes it.
Peggy: (here she makes a logical error: Peggy removes ring B equal ring one, sets it on the floor and returns to the shaft ring C equal ring 4) they should go way way down… But it can’t go the big one. (She removes both rings from the conical shaft which now is empty).
Peggy: (gesturing with ring zero in one hand and ring 1 in the other) these can go up and down.… On that (she places both on the floor)
Peggy: (selecting ring A equal ring one, she puts that on the shaft; it goes down to the base. Ring 4, still in her hand becomes ring B: she places it on the shaft, and removes it once it does not go down to ring 1. Reaching out to ring 0, ring C, she starts to put that on the shaft above the smaller ring 1, then changes her mind. Removing both.
Peggy: (restoring ring 1, now ring A, to the shaft, she selects ring B, ring 0, and puts it on top of the smaller ring 1 on the shaft.) It go way down.
Peggy: (selecting ring C equal ring 4, she puts it on the shaft) this can go way way down.… No no no (as she removes ring 4 and sets it off to the side)
Peggy: (twisting through the set of rings at her side, she selects ring D equal ring 2, and puts it on the shaft on top of the oversize ring 0.) Down… Down (as she adds ring E equal ring 3 on top of ring 2).
Peggy: (selecting ring F equal ring 4, she places it on the shaft on top of ring 3) this goes down.
Peggy: (selecting ring G equal ring 6, she puts it on top of ring 4) this goes down.
Peggy: (turning to the last ring H, equal ring 5, she attempts to add it to the top of the stack, but sees it will not fit. Failing to remove ring G with one hand, she puts down ring H and removes ring G with both hands. Picking up ring H, equal ring 5, she puts ring H on the stack on top of ring 4. She completes the stack with ring G equal ring 6.) There.
Bob: well, you (banging the top of the stack with his fist) you surely squeeze them on. That’s pretty good.
Peggy: Yep. (Gesturing, running her finger up and down the slope of the rings on the conical shaft) and I put the big one on.
Bob: does it bother you that this big one sticks way out at the side (pointing at ring 0, not on the bottom.)
Peggy: yeah. (But this is an agreeable noise accepting approbation; it is not clear she understood Bob’s question. (Peggy starts again to dump the rings off the shaft of the ring tower)
Episode C:
2:45 to 3:31:
Peggy: (selecting ring A equal ring 1 on the shaft, she adds ring B equal ring 0 on top of ring 1) that’s the mother, and that’s the father (pointing at first ring 1 and ring 0).
Peggy: (selecting ring C equal ring 2, she puts it on the shaft) that’s a girl.
Peggy: selecting ring D equal ring 3, she adds that) the baby, and the mother (selecting ring 4, ring E).
Peggy: (selecting ring F will ring 6, as she adds that to the stack she says: and myself – – uncertain interpretation; and myself, ie. “two” of “myself.”)
Peggy: (adding ring G, equal ring 5, on top of the stack) a boy.
Bob: well, I don’t understand your classification system.
Peggy: unhappy with the arrangement of the two top rings, she removes both and switches the order so that ring five is placed on top of ring four and ring six is then placed on top of ring five.) There. Clapping her hands once.)… (Peggy reaches out with both her hands, closed as fists, and thumps the stack as Bob had done earlier.)
Bob: you like that? (Laughing)
Peggy: (brightly) yeah.… (Tilting the ring tower) and now I take these all on.
Bob: why don’t we stop playing with those for a while?… (Pushing the toy tray towards Peggy) can you do anything with all this other stuff?
Peggy: (uninterpretable remarks).
Episode D:
3:32 to 4:28
Peggy turns her attention to balls and cups, to end of tape.
Episode E:
Episode F:
Episode G:
Episode H:

Panel P148, Language Development, Object Exploration, Social Interactions

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