Peggy Study, Panel P054 Themes: Pictures, Giving Letters, Standard Objects Source: (Lawler); date: 2/5/1979 Title: Text commentary: These clips show reaction to pictures, use of letters and play with objects; this session half usual length. P54A Picture Gallery, 17mb P54B1 Talk & Pictures, 20mb P54B2 Giving Letters, 17mb P54C Standard Objects, 23mb


3V0384.02 Usage extension; second person agent of imperative 2/10/79 Peggy and I have passed pipe stems back and forth for quite a while. Long ago we began the giving game. That is, when she offered a pipe stem (or some other object to me) I would take it, say “Thank you” and return it with …

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3V0384.03 Salience of her name in her interpretations; vocative “dada” 2/10/79 Peggy will respond to a voice calling with an intonation like that used in calling her name. Evidence of her understanding names can be [of] other sorts. The rare example from P53 [Egg Peggy] is one strong sign that her own name is a …

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3V0384.01 More verbal specificity; productive uses of signifiers 2/10/79 Returning from a three day trip to Boston, I have Peggy in my lap more than usual. At one point, she indicated she wanted Miriam’s belt which lay near by on the floor: /zIt//zIt/. I gave it to her. Peggy chewed it over, and because I …

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3V0380.02 Prosodic features dominate sounds in meaning 2/6/79 Peggy’s name — At supper this [evening] Gretchen and I discussed with Robby what words Peggy knew. The question arose when Robby asserted that surely she knew her name. I argued that her response when I said “Peggy” was to the prosodic features and not to the …

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3V0380.01 Need for specificity expands repertoire of signifiers 2/6/79 Peggy drives [us] to distraction. A few weeks ago when her talk was all /[th]aet/[th]aet/ and her pointing restricted to pictures, the talk was endurable, but now that it is coupled with specific objectives Gretchen and I are subject to streams of /[th]aet/ and /hae/[th]aet/ and …

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3V0377.01 Neat phenomena and instruction: An Ale Bottle — (2/03/79) Peggy has long had the habit of carrying ale bottle. We separate glass trash for recycling and Peggy has long been able to careen over in her walker, select one she likes, and continue charging about the ground floor waving her prize. She usually puts …

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